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The Loar guitars?

badjazzbadjazz Maui, Hawaii USA✭✭✭ AJL
Has anybody played one of these? They look like they either might be great or total junk, and I have yet to talk to anybody (other than dealers who are trying to sell me one) who has ever played one. Any info would be great, though I'm most interested in the 16" L-5 version. I was thinking they might make a good knock-around guitar.


  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Posts: 622
    I own one and it's great. I have the LH-500 Natural F hole model with no pickup. When coming from a Selmer style guitar to playing the Loar it's not nearly as loud. But what is... However it is very playable acoustically and with on ther guitars and a jam circle. I have used in gigs that wanted a quiet background feel and it works great and plays amazingly. It comes with light strings and I put on 13 - 56 and the thing just opened up well. I think 14s would do even more for the tone but I just don't know a bout trying to play strings that heavy for more then an hour. I'm too used to my 11-46s on my Dupont! I also have used the Loar with my Schertler Basik pickup and it's amazing thru the Unico amp. Works very well and I see no reason to install a magnetic pickup. The natural tone of the guitar amplifies very well and sounds sweet but has a great punch when you want it. This goes for the unamplified tone as well. I have yet to do much experimenting with it but I think I might try replacing the bridge at some point with a Rosewood bridge as the one it comes with is Ebony. Other then needing a good set up the Loar is very solid and well made and this guitar is a great deal. I know where you can get one for $999 Here: It's a new site and still pretty small but good poeple to work with.

  • Posts: 597
    Nice looking git. Seems like a good price for an acoustic archtop.
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