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condesnser mic...

melodymakermelodymaker Hornby Island, BC CanadaNew
Im trying to find the best mic I can get for something in the 200 dollar range, for recording my mac. ANy leads or feedback?
Apex 460?
studio Projects B1?
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  • ElliotElliot Madison, WisconsinNew
    Posts: 551
    Check out the CAD M177 (or M179): ... admics.htm

    Since the review was written they've stopped using aluminum flight cases and started shipping with a suspension cradle included.
  • Coolbopper1Coolbopper1 NH, USANew
    Posts: 15
    The Carvin CM 90 Mics are pretty amazing as well.
    Also the shure beta 98 are also pretty amazing too.
  • Craig BumgarnerCraig Bumgarner Drayden, MarylandVirtuoso Bumgarner S/N 001
    Posts: 795
    Best Mic?

    This thread has been dormant for a couple years and I wonder if anyone has anything to add since the last posts. I'm looking for guitar mic to use in a mic stand (as opposed to a clip on). For gigs, not studio. I'll be running it into a Unico most of the time and a PA the rest. In other threads here, I saw favorable comments on the Rode NT-3 and the AKG 3100S. FWIIW,

    Any thoughts?

  • CampusfiveCampusfive Los Angeles, CA✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 98
    Again, I have to plug the Rode NT3. Sounds so good that I get non-guitar players remarking at the sound. It might now be a little more than $200, but I believe the Rode M3 is in that range. While I'm aware that the M3 is different, I'm not sure what difference that will make in the live setting.
  • Craig BumgarnerCraig Bumgarner Drayden, MarylandVirtuoso Bumgarner S/N 001
    Posts: 795

    How does the Rode NT3 handle feedback? Do you get a good amount of volume out of it. I've been using a cheap Nady CM-88 which is pretty feedback prone and a Shure Beta 87A which is louder and has less feedback but doesn't sound as good.

    BTW, does the wattage of the amplifier effect the feedback threshold volume wise? That is, if I use a more powerful amp, will I get more volume before feedback?

  • CampusfiveCampusfive Los Angeles, CA✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 98
    Feedback - better than some, because it's hyper-cardioid, but it still is a condenser mic. The art is in placement to avoid feedback.

    Volume before feedback - no, additional wattage out of an amp will not fix the problem at all.

    Feedback is essentially when the sound system or amplifier can hear itself, and so it begins amplifying itself, which is hears and then amplifies. It's a vicious cycle that is audio equivalent of this:

    Basically you should learn how to position mics and monitors or speakers and yourself, so that you prevent the mic from picking up the sound system, and only picking up you. There are certain SPL levels where an acoustic instrument like a guitar is just not going to get picked up because the sound system is so loud - avoid places like that, in general, but otherwise use a pickup (which can still feedback, but less).
  • Craig BumgarnerCraig Bumgarner Drayden, MarylandVirtuoso Bumgarner S/N 001
    Posts: 795
  • marcieromarciero Southern MaineNew
    Posts: 120
    I have used a SM 81 into a Unico for a few years now. It's great, but is even better with additional eq on the Unico. I have a Highlander PAMDI that I plug into the insert on the Unico. (Oddly, I find that the Unico needs eq even with the Dyn G plugged into the Dyn channel- without it the sound is boxy no matter how the reson control is set. (This is the older Unico))
    At a venue I play regularly the sound guy always uses a SM 57 on my guitar and it always sounds fabulous. One time a different sound guy used a condenser and it merely sounded very good. Lots of variables here, but I went out and bought an SM 57 and I now I actually like that a lot.

    On a different note, I like the Unico a lot because I often use it as a PA with the Side. But when used with piezo or dyn G it compresses like crazy, like it can't handle the attack. It's probably more correct to say it doesn't want to handle the attack since it is obviously and built-in limiter circuit. In the end, it still is only 180 watts, but I think lesser powered amps do not do this.

    I may look into the QSC K8 for amp, or a pair for small PA. 1000 watts, 27 pounds.

  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
    Posts: 1,252
    Jonathan, that photo is the best intuitive descriptor of feedback I've ever seen. It's an easy concept to explain but a tough concept to really get across; particularly its recursive nature. But that picture does it well. Haha... Bravo.

    You probably already know this, but a good way to get the concept of phase across is to talk about it in terms of dropping things into still water and how the waves they create will interact.
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  • Two worth looking at and giving a tryout

    El Cheapo incredible sound for the buck Marshall MXL 603 $50-60 new.

    DPA 4061 - expensive circa $500 but great sound and few feedback problems
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