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Big Band and Gypsy Guitars?

TenorClefTenorClef UKNew
edited September 2006 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 150
Hi does any one have any experience using their gypsy guitars in a big band setting? I know you would normally find an archtop in a big band setting so i wondered if the gypsy guitar would work equally well or perhaps even better withs ability to cut through the mix?
Currently-Gitane 250M
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  • mosikmosik GermanyNew
    Posts: 30
    No personal experience, but there is some nice playing of Romane on the CD "Romane and The Frederic Manoukian Orchestra" — really worth listening.
  • TenorClefTenorClef UKNew
    Posts: 150
    Thanks for that insight, i guess the heavy strings usually found on acoustic archtops must be a factor in bringing out the sound. I may experiment with the gypsy guitar and take it along to my big band which i lead and see how it copes, i usually play trombone but the gypsy guitar is a fascinating beast.
    Currently-Gitane 250M
    Previously-Gitane 255
    Previously- Gitane D500
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