Living Legend Ninine Garcia "My Dream of Love"

Ted GottsegenTed Gottsegen Rowayton, CTModerator
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Hey All,

I noticed that Michael is stocking Ninine's new CD. Do yourselves a favor and buy it. His is a fresh Parisian view at the current state of Gypsy Jazz. Ninine's legacy is strong! His father Mondine started playing at La Chope in 1960, and before that he was playing at a different café in the fleamarket. Ninine played rhythm for Vivian Villerstein and Tchavolo (who is a Parisian) for 10 years before Tchavolo's relocation, and plays host to all visiting royalty to La Chope. In short, Ninine represents the legacy of Parisian Gypsy Jazz.

This new CD feature mostly Ninine's compositions. These are great and highlight all of his influences - Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Blue Note era Kenny Burrell, Grant Green in addition to Django, Mondine, Jacques Montagne and the rest of the Parisian Gypsies - his heritage. He plays an electric Epiphone archtop with heavy flatwound strings for a mainstream archtop tone (his son Rocky and nephew Mundine on acoustic rhythm guitars, a Dupont and Busato respectively). The CD moves and grooves, with sympathetic accompaniment, inventive arrangements and creative playing. Ninine isn't a speed demon because he doesn't need to be to get his music across. For highlights, head on over to and stream the tracks. This CD is manouche, but contemporary and really, really good. The chord movements in melody to "Mon Fils et Moi" are great, and no other gypsie alive could play it and make it sound like that.

I'm sure some will be bummed out at the non-traditional approach to this CD, but try and think of it in this way. Whatever you guys are into now, Ninine has done about a thousand times before. When speaking with him in Paris, he told me that he plays jazz music, which is exactly what he does. In this regard, he is like the 1st and 2nd generation - they don't want to copy Django, but use his influence to make their own music. This is the essence of the Parisian sound. Be conscious of tradition, but in no way does one need to be defined by it.

When I go to Paris, the first stop will always be La Chope and Ninine and this CD is a definitely Desert Island material.




  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
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    Ted is right about this disc being dessert Island material. This cd has everything that I love about Gypsy Jazz and Jazz guitar in general a true inspiration.
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  • drollingdrolling New
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    I had to pitch in, if for no other reason than to drag this post back up to the top of the page where it belongs.

    Many thanks to you Ted, for hipping me to this incredible recording and many more thanks to you Michael, for stocking it AND shipping it out so quickly.

    Music is my first love, but I'm rarely knocked speechless by current releases. This guy, while nodding to venerable tradition has managed to eloquently propel gypsy jazz into the new millenium. The disc has not left my player since it arrived last week. I haven't felt such an overwhelming compulsion to crank the stereo since I was a teenager. There's really nothing else I can say, other than to urge lovers of Django and students of the current school of GJ to get this CD immediately. Right now. I mean it. Seriously.
  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator Dell Arte Hommage
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    i like putting the song "My Dream Of Love" into a loop and just listening to that one tune for like an hour... good stuff... :-0
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