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FS: Favino #555 (1977)

geese_comgeese_com Madison, WINew 503

I am probably going to regret this but I have my eye on something else.

Selling my Favino #555 from 1977

Album of pics:

Here's a video from the original dealer:

Info from the original dealer: "This is a 1977 Jacques Favino #555 model #10 in great condition. The guitar was returned for neck repair in 2009 and repaired with a replacement neck & bridge by Jean Pierre Favino, in Castelbaigue, Haut Garonne, near Toulouse, where his new workshop is. So you have a body by the father and neck by the son. This guitar has the best of the 2 Favino's. Purchased by the ORIGINAL owner in 1977 while attending college in Paris. He stumbled across the Favino workshop and fell in love with Jacques work. And for good reason, this guitar has been played and has opened up. The body shows limited wear. The original owner took good care of this instrument but there is a small amount of weather checking on the back and some scratches on the top. There are no cracks and it was never refinished. Its all original except for the neck and bridge. Even the original sb tuners were put back on the guitar. It's a classic model #10 so the tone is everything you would expect from a Favino: like a very dry nasal like tone that is extreamly loud. That's why so many players kill for these model #10s , they were the guitar of choice by so many players. For example the whole Ferre family, the Rosenberg trio, and so many more. These guitars are becoming really hard to find these days because of the history and the builder himself its a part of French gypsy culture this guitar also comes with Jacques original business card."

Here is Fredi Gebhardt playing this guitar from a couple months ago:

Fredi also used it on this "Live in Ludington" album:

The guitar has seen lots of use and has lots of scratches and dings, etc. There are several cracks throughout the top (see pictures). I had my guitar tech examine the cracks (he has 30+ years of experience working on stringed instruments and gypsy jazz guitars) and everything is stable and there is nothing to worry about them. It also has the usual cracks that Favinos have extending from the end of the fingerboard to the rosette. My guitar tech did a complete setup on the guitar and it plays and sounds great. Only issue is that the high E does not quite intonate right. It will require a new bridge to make it work, but I did not have one when I brought it in for work. It never bothered me and it really is not much of a problem.

With all that said, this guitar is just magical. When you first play it you will be blown away by the tone. Typical Favino sound. LOUD and cutting.

Comes with a Guardian hardcase.

Price is $9,000 + shipping



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