How long to spend on the first section of the book?

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Just wondering how long before I should move onto the musical examples section? I've had the book about a week, and have been using it every day for about 2 to 5 hours. Anyway i have the 15 patterns down pretty well; though not at any real tempo. Just wondering what sort of speeds i should be able to play them before moving on?

I also have the unaccompanied book(very bloody nicely done btw
), so I'd like to start on a piece from there some time. I guess I've gotta be patient, and get the basics techniques down first before I dive in the music:lol:


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    Well, if you're putting in 2-5 hours a day you should be making good progress. Ideally you'd just work on the open string patterns for a month or two because that will allow you to focus completely on the right hand. But that can get boring so it's probably OK to try a few of the easier patterns in the second section of the book. Another way to implement a basic version of the technique is to play some simple tunes. Especially ballads like Nuages, Manoir de mes Reves, etc. That way you can use the basic technique in a musical way.

    Glad you like the books....Good luck!

  • Yeah they do get a little bit boring, but I understand how important they are :D It takes me a few hours(at least) just to get through them anyway. I guess I was just looking for something to do after that...other than just run through them all again :lol:

    There's no point trying to run before I can walk though.

    Cheers :D
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