Pls Advise 1st GJ Guitar - used Gitane D-500 or Pierre Fontaine

Found a couple of interesting used guitar for my first gypsy jazz style instrument, and would like to ask your advice. Which one would you take?

1- Pierre Fontaine, reportedly bought in the Paris, Rue Rome shop a few years ago, built late 90s or early 2000s, heavy play wear, appears cosmetic only, needs a setup to lower the action (a little concerned as it doesn't seem to have a truss rod and I'm not looking for a 'project guitar'). Having said that, I've got a good feeling about this one! ;)

2- Gitane D-500, used, very good condition. Perhaps a safer choice...

Both about the same price, USD850.

Can't play both, very long drive, would try and confirm upon pickup.

Attached some pictures.




  • juandererjuanderer New ALD Original, Manouche Latcho Drom Djangology Koa, Caro y Topete AR 740 O
    Posts: 201

    If you go with your gut make sure to ask for a discount for that separated binding. I think you'll get more mileage out of that one than the Gitane (but this one would be easier to play because of the scale).

  • pirambabapirambaba New
    Posts: 2

    Thank you, juan. Certainly leaning towards the Pierre Fontaine!

    Good eye on the binding, thanks!

  • plexi69plexi69 New
    Posts: 75

    I would go for the Fontaine over any Asian import. Even if it needs a little work at first I think it would be a much better choice.

  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,311

    $850 sounds kinda high for a used D500??

  • stuologystuology New
    Posts: 196

    To be honest, as a first guitar, I'd pass on both. The Pierre Fontaine looks beat up to me, you never really know what you're getting with 30-year old guitars. I'd take a look at what Michael is selling new - there are some decent Alta Mira's at 850 and if you can push your budget by a couple of hundred there's a lot more to choose from, including the Eastman.

  • plexi69plexi69 New
    Posts: 75

    There’s a difference between beat up and played. The Fontaine looks played which means someone liked it which means it probably sounds good! If you chose not to buy the Fontaine, please pm where it is as I am interested in buying it myself. Thanks.

  • Posts: 4,509

    The original poster seems to be in Brazil.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • plexi69plexi69 New
    Posts: 75

    Thanks I didn’t know that. Either way I think the Fontaine would be a great guitar.

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