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Collins guitar for sale

dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
edited February 2007 in Classifieds Posts: 2,150
located in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

I hate to sell this but there's no point in keeping it as i am endorsing AJL guitars and have no use for two of the same type of guitars.

If i understand correctly, this is one of first selmer style guitars built by michael collins.

the specifications on his webpage should be correct:

It comes with a Schatten pickup, I am not sure what model, as it was installed by the previous owner. I'm running it without a battery and it works fine, you can hear it plugged in through an AER amp here: ... ed&search= (it's the guitar on the right)

The guitar is in excellent playing condition. It has minor wear from playing of course. There are a few extra minor wear marks caused by the previous owner's picking technique... see the pic below

the fingerboard is a bit thicker (on the recent collins that i've seen the fingerboards have been much thinner) like the original selmer guitars if i'm not mistaken, it will easily accomodate a stimer pickup.

the dot is on the 9th fret.

Serial no: 103

This guitar has lots of history, it was used by Ritary Gaguenetti for his DFNE concert in October 2004. You can see a video of him warming up with it here:

It was used for numerous concerts for the Ritary Ensemble's tour in Quebec in april 2006. It was used by Ritary to record a djangobooks method book that is in the works

In June 2006, Andreas Oberg used it for his concert at Django in June, you can hear/see it here (he's using a Schertler Basik to amplify the guitar)

btw i've since removed the woodywoodpecker stickers (therefore significantly reducing the value of the guitar, or else i'd have to ask for at least 9 959.99$)

I used it to record certain tracks for my album, you can hear samples here

I was originally asking for 2000 US but unfortunately the exchange rate is no longer what it used to be, and therefore i need to ask 2500 Canadian ....payable in US equivalent via paypal ( you can check the exchange rate here )

I have a decent digital camera, so if you need any specific shots of the guitar let me know, and i'll do my best to get them!!


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