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uli Twerkthomson

Compare Gitane DG-310 vs Eastman DM1 and Altamira MO1??


Has anyone played all three......or two of the three.....of these guitars I'm considering. I owned the Gitane DG-310 and mistakenly sold it. I liked most everything about it. If I can't find another, right now I'm considering the Eastman DM1 and Altamira MO1 (or even the M model).

Can you tell me the differences in tone, volume and quality? Also, I prefer NOT the huge, squarish neck shape. I played a Gitane John Jorgenson, and found the neck unwieldly......more due to shape than size.



  • Jim


  • MikeKMikeK Asheville, NCNew Altamira M-10, Epiphone Zephyr Regent
    Posts: 328

    I haven't tried the Eastman, but I cant say enough good things about my Altamiras, when properly set up. My first GJ guitar was an Altamira M-01D (bought here new from Michael 4 years ago) and I love it to this day. By my standards, the neck isnt as blocky as some of the other GJ guitars I've played over the years. I don't care for that either. But that may be somewhat subjective. I loved my M-01D so much that when I felt like I was ready for an oval hole, I bought a used Altamira M-10. I've been extremely happy with that as well. Before the pandemic, I was doing over 100 gigs a year on them & they held up beautifully, with an annual set up. Now I'm gigging half that much, but they both never let me down. But that's just me. I've heard good things about Eastmans recently.

  • edited September 2020 Posts: 70

    I haven’t found a better guitar in the price range as the Altamira. I’ve used it in plenty of jams and it just noticeably preforms better than other entry level guitars.

    set up is really key though.

  • JSantaJSanta NY✭✭✭ Gaffiero, AJL
    Posts: 236

    I have owned both the Altamira and the Eastman. The Eastman sounded more right, if that makes sense. It was drier and had a bigger bark (louder) than the Altamira.

    The Altamira I got from Djangobooks had a nicer shaped neck than the Eastman, which was has a rather pronounced D shape compared to the C shape Michael orders. That being said, I think the Eastman was a better sounding guitar. Unless a guitar has a huge U or pronounced V shape, I can basically manage pretty easily. Those types of things rarely bother me on guitars.

    I sold my Eastman because I bought a spectacular luthier made guitar (thanks again Craig!). The new owner loves the guitar as well.

  • ChristopheCaringtonChristopheCarington San Francisco, CA USANew Dupont MD50, Stringphonic Favino, Altamira Chorus
    Posts: 166

    I've played all 3 (Gitane at NAMM, Altamira M & M01 D hole in L.A., and owned an Eastman DM2).

    It kinda depends on what you're looking for. If given the choice right now, I'd probably go for the M01 D hole. The tone was just as good if not better than the DM2 which is another $600, super balanced with a lot of bark.

    Out of the Gitanes the Lulo Rienhardt version I preferred the most. But I also snapped a string on the floor, so my "getting it sticky" time was cut short. It wasn't bad, just nothing really stood out to me about it.

    The Eastman DM2 is much better tonally than the DM1. Super easy to play, thinner fast neck. Used can be a great bargain. Full price, I would probably pony up some more money and go for Dupont Nomade or something closer to the $2k range.

    Altamira model M was the best bang for your buck, but sounded a bit muffled to my ears. The D hole version sounded much more open and balanced, and was only $100-$200 more if I recall. Hence, why I would probably go with a D hole now and days if I needed a less expense guitar.

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