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Tone Dexter

I just got one used a few days ago. I'm pleased with how well it works with my big tone and aer compact 60. The compact 60 sounds good to start but the tone Dexter kind of brings some air into the sound. It feels much less compressed.

I haven't seen many gypsy players talk about them. I know Joscho uses one and I think @Scoredog has one. And Christian Miller has done a video on his.

Anyway I just wanted to give some love to it. It's an expensive piece of equipment to buy without hearing.

I haven't gigged with it yet (who knows when that will be!?).



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    Regarding pro performing players, when you play actual concert halls and have a dedicated sound person all these issues usually aren't a problem. On the other hand John Jorgenson is right there on the home page. It's a great piece of gear in any case, a regular preamp can cost that much.

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  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
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    John and I have discussed the Tone Dexter and it really is a great piece of gear. Solves a lot of live issues. Deals with feedback very well. I probably should try recording with it to see what happens but I get lazy and just use what i am used to.

  • maxmax SwedenNew
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    Anybody compared the tonedexter to the nux optima? It’s less than half the price and have the possibility to load third part IR’s..

    also lr baggs Is offering a similar product..


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    I'm not crazy about nux being a Chinese product. Plus it doesn't have an XLR input. You need a preamp to capture your own IR.

    I haven't been impressed by the lr baggs demos. That being said I haven't heard either in person. Nux doesn't seem to be easily available either.

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    I'd love to hear some demos. I bought an Ischell setup from someone last year who was using the Dexter with the BigTone. The tone and simplicity was good enough for them to move the Ischell.

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    I think somebody posted a video fairly recently in another thread where ToneDexter was mentioned saying they both use it and are very happy with it.

    Found it, it was posted by @Jose

    There was one demo video of LR Baggs that I was very impressed by. You could really hear the body element of the sound and that flattop bass was rendered really nicely. The person playing the guitar kept saying "wow!" too. I liked their approach the best. It's using the smartphone app to create a guitar's voice and a lot of features are accessed and edited via app. They claim the smartphone mic will do the job. I would never think so but given their reputation I wouldn't doubt that. It's small footprint is a plus. Another plus, albeit not tested live, is that it will try to read when your guitar will go into a feedback and automatically create a notch filter that's guitar specific.

    With the NUX demos I think I could still hear some of the piezzo quack through the IR model sound. This was on the presets that are built in and created using a piezzo pickup. Couldn't find a demo where somebody created their own IR model. Good thing about it besides the price is they say you can load 3rd party IR models. But as somebody noticed elsewhere it doesn't have a notch filter and they don't mention anywhere if they try to deal with feedback in any way. It's available on Reverb and Amazon, even cheaper on Reverb for $150. All the demos are very favorable. But it could be they got a free sample so it might be biased. Looking at the price vs performance it certainly sounds plenty good.

    ToneDexter is tried and already known to do what it claims so nothing to add. Only drawback might be the size now that these others are out there. And soon enough I'm sure there will be a demo showing how well they all model the same instrument.

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