Zwinakis Gypsy Mystery Selmer for Sale

CraigHensleyCraigHensley Maine New Dupont MD60, Zwinakis Mystery
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Hi, I'm selling my Peter Zwinakis Gypsy Mystery Selmer originally purchased on Djangobooks years ago.

Signed under the top by the luthier 11/11, I'm assuming it's the date, Nov 2011.

I had it professionally serviced a few years ago with new stainless frets by Kennebec Instrument and Amplifier in Brunswick, Maine who did an impeccable job. Truss rod doesn't work but the neck relief is perfect and the action is low with no buzzing. I would describe the tone as modern, not dry. The solid rosewood back and sides produce a huge rhythm sound, leads are less cutting than a laminate wood model. I've exclusively played rhythm in my band with this guitar and it fills a room. Recently purchased a Dupont and no longer need this one.

Beautiful wood throughout and superb build quality. Neck is a shallow D shape. Small chip on headstock veneer (see photo) It was purchased this way. Condition is excellent, comes with the original case, Superior Deluxe Brown.

$1900 plus shipping CONUS

Although not exact guitar, here is the original add with detailed specs:

Pics of actual guitar:


  • plexi69plexi69 New
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    I have a Zwinakis mystery guitar, the 4 top brace model. I like it so much I sold my Micheal Dunn cause I no longer played it, chosen the Zwinakis over it. Great guitars.

  • CraigHensleyCraigHensley Maine New Dupont MD60, Zwinakis Mystery
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    Awesome, this one's the same, styled after Django's 503 4 brace pattern. Great guitars indeed.

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    Why he didn't want to put his name on so many instruments? So many of his mistery guitars and people generally praise them.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • StringswingerStringswinger Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭ 1993 Dupont MD-20, Shelley Park Encore
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    Some years back, I met Peter Zwinakis at his home in Santa Cruz, California. He had advertised one of his Gypsy guitars on our local Craigslist and I was curious. His home was a 7 figure mini-mansion one block from the ocean and from what I could gather, he was a well to do tech guy. His home was immaculate and so I am guessing that he was a perfectionist who would not want his name on something less than perfect. Therefore, I presume that all of his mystery guitars have some small flaw, though I would bet most of would be unable to find it.

    When I met Peter, he told me that he was giving up his Gypsy guitar venture and that it was a hobby for him which never turned out to be very profitable. He showed me a genuine 50's Strat, which I got to check out through a genuine 50's tweed amp. That was cool! Peter told me that his next "hobby venture" was to make hand made Strat and Tele necks. I wondered how he fared with those?

    He had three of his Gypsy guitars left when I was at his home. I played all three and all were good, but one was great. I expressed an interest in that one, but he told me that was the one he intended to keep, the other two were for sale. I did not love either of the others enough to buy them (I do not remember what he wanted for them, but it was under 3K).

    Many guitarists try Gypsy jazz and give it up. It is a tough enough genre to play at any sort of decent level. I am guessing it is also a tough genre to do well with in the world of guitar building as well.

    To the OP: GLWTS!

    vanmalmsteenCraigHensleyBucoBill Da Costa Williams
    "When the chord changes, you should change" Joe Pass
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