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Gypsy Jazz Players in Kansas?

karmarkarmar New
in Welcome Posts: 9

Hello! I am a long time gypsy jazz player who just moved to Kansas. Are there any players around here interested in jamming?


  • adrianadrian AmsterdamVirtuoso
    Posts: 511

    If you're anywhere near Lawrence, head over to Mass Street Music — they probably have a gypsy-jazz guitar or two, and you might strike up a conversation with the employees to ask about local players.


  • TubaphoneTubaphone Kansas Mateos Django
    Posts: 29

    Kansas is a big ol state. Where exactly are you?

    Mass Street in Lawrence is indeed a great start. They usually have a few guitars, several of the employees are serious GJ players, and they host somewhat regular jams and classes.

    Not a jam, but Hot Club of KC plays the first Saturday of every month at the Phoenix in downtown KC. They are very very good.

    I'm here. Lately I don't have a lot of spare time to jam, but PM me if you are in the general KC area and we'll see if we can find a time to play a few tunes some day.


  • karmarkarmar New
    Posts: 9

    Thanks for your great suggestions! I will definitely contact Mass Street - I already know one of the luthiers there because he did a wonderful fret job on my mandolin. (I also play mando and regular archtop jazz guitar) I will also check out the KC Hot Club performance and look to meet some players there. I live in Manhattan but I know there are no gypsy players here because I have already scoured every nook and cranny. I get to KC regularly and also up to Lincoln NE pretty regularly and down to Wichita occasionally. Salina is fairly close.

  • pral16pral16 New
    Posts: 18

    Welcome to Kansas! I lead an occasional GJ jam at Mass Street Music in Lawrence, ideally one Saturday each month from 1-3 pm. We generally get players from Lawrence and KC in attendance. Look for dates on our website. The groups to look for here in Lawrence are Gadjos-Chapeaux and Mire Pral, both on Facebook. There are several good players in Wichita, look up Kenny White if you're in that area. Private message me with any particular questions you might have.

    Django on!

  • karmarkarmar New
    Posts: 9

    Thank you so much for responding to my query - I am delighted to hear about your gypsy jam and will definitely take part!

  • ftutwilerftutwiler New
    Posts: 1

    Do you guys still do the GJ jam at Mass Street Music? I just moved to town a few weeks and would love to attend sometime. Thanks!

  • pral16pral16 New
    Posts: 18

    They haven't had any jams (or other events, for that matter) since the pandemic started----but they hope to do them again in the future. Mass Street Music puts out a monthly email newsletter and that usually has a listing of news and upcoming events.

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