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Djangofest SF

aceace Buffalo, NY✭✭✭✭
edited June 2006 in North America Posts: 78
Anyone else frustrated with the Djangofest SF schedule changes?
I orginally bought tickets for the festival with Angelo Debarre and Robin Nolan and now come to find niether will be performing. I understand that Robin broke his wrist in two places (hope he heals well/quickly) and hold neither musician responsible, but I purchased tickets to Robin's workshop and to a completely different festival than what I'll be seeing. I even emailed Nick Lehr to ask if Robin would still make it and got a positive and difinitive response that he would be there. After further inquiries from the box office and Robin himself, I come to find he won't be there.
I understand that things happen, but flying across the country and paying nearly $200 in tickets to see one show and getting there to find another show is a little frustrating. Also, I don't feel the replacements cover the ground the other performers do (although I am excited to see Samson Schmitt).
Anyone else going? Anyone else need a refund on their workshop tickets?


  • MontereyJacquesMontereyJacques ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2011 Posts: 81
  • aceace Buffalo, NY✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 78
    I think the festival overall was a success. Of course I think everyone felt a loss without Robin there, but what can you do about that. My original concern was all the last minute changes, and I'm sure Nick did the best he could with all those curve balls. For my taste Dan Hicks didn't fill Robin's shoes by a long shot, but who really could on short notice.
    Samson was great and a blast to watch. His second show went deep and left me in a speechless daze.
    I think the hardest working musician award goes to Simon Planting as he did at least two shows per day, and continued to astound me (and I expect everyone else as well) every time.
    I'm sure gypsy jazz purists and some others will disagree, but I very much enjoyed watching Wrembel with his new setup. It is very different and really out there, but goddamn if those guys don't bring some shit.
    I think everyone at this point has a good idea of what to expect of Jorgenson, but he is continually able to bring the magic to his very polished sets. His new tunes are really tremendous compositions, and he is again able to prove why he is on every Djangofest bill.
    Overall the line up was a nice mix with a lot of variety. Interestingly enough, I think I only heard about a dozen Django tunes performed all weekend.
    Mill Valley is a beautiful town and a the Throckmorton is a great venue for this festival, but I think next year some more thought should go into what to do when there aren't any shows going on. It was difficult to find a good spot to jam, and there wasn't a lot of time to spend in the guitar/merch room. Sweetwater across the street is a tremendous resource and I would think for next year, there should be more collaboration between the two venues for this event. I think the festival should also interact more with the town as they have a lot of other venues to play including the main square in the center there. I would love to see Djangofest take over the city for the weekend with shows in the square, in all the restaurants and venues, and a good solid place to hang out and jam.
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