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Original Accordina by Borel for sale

cbwimcbwim ✭✭✭
in Accordion Posts: 168
I have one of these rare 3 row C system mouthblown instruments. I think I should sell it since I never use it and don't really plan to at this point. This is the exact same type of Accordina as played by Ludovic Beier and Richard Galliano, from about 1955 with very easy and quick responding brass reeds (the modern ones use sluggish stainless steel Binchi reeds usually. These require a higher operating pressure).

All the reeds work well. I had it professionally rewaxed by Michael Arralde who is a 4th generation accordion technician who is known for his outstanding work. The button mechanisms all work perfectly. Everything is in outstanding shape and it plays right at 440 with excellent intonation. These were very well made instruments. The original box with label goes with it.

The modern made Accordinas are larger in cross section, making them less ergonomic. The Dreux Accordinas are about 12 ounces heavier, and not as satisfying to play.

To get a good idea what these sound like search for "Accordina Bach" on YouTube. The one I have is identical to the one being played by Galliano, down to the engraving even.

I have about $1200 plus shipping into this instrument which is what I would like to get for it. I can ship almost everywhere. There are no CITES species on this instrument thus no restrictions.

Best to email me at if interested. I'd love to see this go to someone who will play it.

Even though I live 15 miles south of Langley I have no plans for DjangoFest. However if someone attending wants to buy it I might be able to swing up there briefly Saturday evening before the evening concert as I will be on the Seattle side of the water.



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