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10 string mando chording

dunbarhamlindunbarhamlin Leamington Spa, UKNew
edited May 2006 in Mandolin Posts: 7
Hi folks

New to this list and to trying to play jazz on mando.

I use a Ridgeback 10 string - with a low C course (a bit telegraph pole like (52s) but tonally a pretty good match for the other coarses)

To get into the style, I'm working through Minor Swing at the mo, sticking to the top four courses melodically while I get the feel. For rhythm though, doing this often feels at odds, as the bass line of necessity frequently fails to present the figure of the original (because I run out of string).

As a rule of thumb, would it be most appropriate to try and preserve the bass figure of the accompaniment, and fill in the rest until I run out of fingers, dropping root and fifth (unless the bass tone) when necessary? Or should I consider the overall colour of the chord more important?



  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,920
    I wouldn't worry about the bass notes as much. Guitarists change those all the time anyway...just get the harmony right.

    Good luck!

  • dunbarhamlindunbarhamlin Leamington Spa, UKNew
    Posts: 7
    Excellent, thank you.

    I'm having heaps of fun, but wanted to make sure I wasn't frittering my practice time, since I need (well, OK, want) to split my free time between practicing and building (current WIP Ridgeback tenor guitar and cittern).

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