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Any Upright Bass Players interested in playing in a monthly Long Island, NY based GJ Jam?

crothcroth ✭✭
in Classifieds Posts: 107
We have a jam group that’s been playing together for more than 6 years. Our bassist developed some family related issues that have affected his ability to participate regularly. We love him so it’s a shame. But, in any case, it puts us in the position of trying to find a new regular person. Our group consists of 2-3 guitarists, a clarinetist, an accordionist, a violinist, and often a c-sax/bass saxophonist, so we have all the traditional GJ instruments plus a little. Everyone who wants to, solos, bass player included, though no one is required to solo. We play in a member’s home, sometimes in a park. We play the standard GJ repertoire and use the Django 2009 fakebook (available free) as a resource. There is no fee. We only ask for a reasonable commitment to one Sunday a month 3-4 hours. We do this for our own fun: no gigs. If you think you might be interested, get in touch with me, croth. Send me your phone number and/or your real email address and we’ll talk. Thanks. ~ Carl
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