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Miller tuners, tailpiece and pickup for sale

martin bmartin b London✭✭ Epiphone Deluxe
in Classifieds Posts: 49
Hi everyone,

I am selling my lovely Miller guitar parts. I have enjoyed them but it's time to move on, so I thought I'd mention them here before I put them on Reverb or the 'bay.
All in excellent condition, just a little light patina, a little more so on the pickup:

Selmer style tuners in brass and ebony, all screws, box etc.

Selmer style tailpiece in brass and ebony, screws, box etc (although now it's bent to shape it won't go back in the box!)

Stimer 51 style pickup "Argentine" model (balanced for argentine strings) with detachable mini coax cable. This is a fabulous pickup which in my view is a real halfway house between the vintage electric and modern acoustic style pickup sounds. As my guitar had a larger than normal sound hole, Rainer made me a custom clip, so this may need modifying for a petit bouche. Putty would work however, and for a d hole Miller make an adaptor. Also included, an extra mini coax plug with a metre of cable which I got for an intended internal wiring installation.

Beautiful high quality Swiss made kit. The tuners are out of stock there at the moment and it appears they might be for some time.

If you know this stuff then you know what it is. You probably also know what it costs!

If anyone's interested in any or all of it, let me know and we'll think of a sensible price. Can sort out photos if required.

Oh yes, I'm in the UK but can send anywhere.
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