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The best tutorial videos to learn gypsy jazz?

Hi gypsy jazz lovers, I was wondering what teacher or channel you would recommend in order to learn gypsy jazz?

Please share your learning experience with names and links so others can check the videos too. You can also indicate any videos or teacher, and explain what you like about the materials they teach, or the way they teach, and how this help you making progress.

Thank you so much :)


  • Brad HermanBrad Herman San Francisco, CANew JWC Modele Jazz, Stankevicius Alena, Alexander Polyakov Selmer #6
    Posts: 115
    Search the forums and you'll see a ton. Personal favorites include:

    Christiaan van Hemerts videos on Youtube - free
    Numerous playalong videos with chord charts on Youtube - free

    DC Music School - some free lessons, lots of paid
    Rosenberg Academy - paid

    And just about any book or dvd set from this site.

    If you're new to it, go find videos about la pompe that make sense to you, sit down with a metronome, and do it until it sounds right. Learn some basic songs like Minor Swing, Coquette, All of Me, etc. Then start working on learning the head to a lot of the songs. From there, depending on your level, learn some solos note for note (Soundslice is a good resource), and work on arpeggios and scales. Good luck
    Bill Da Costa WilliamsDarius-Scheider
  • edited February 2018 Posts: 88
    Here is a similar question asked ~2 weeks ago. May be helpful.

    You may also try Sven Jungbeck's Youtube channels.

    And this:

    I myself also found Frank Vignola's lessons helpful. Some applied to gypsy jazz:

    Also Tim Robinson:

    I don't know whose is "best" but I benefit from all these links.
  • Thank you so much guys, that is very helpful, I appreciate your feedback.
  • ArcticguitarArcticguitar Anchorage, Alaska
    Posts: 16
    DC music school. Get the videos done by Denis to learn the style. Then buy DC courses from artists that you like. Download the etudes. Transcribe the etudes or excerpts from the etudes or whatever suits your fancy from the etudes. Download Denis' transcriptions of the etudes and use them to check your work. Everything one needs to know about the style is in those etudes. IMO it is simple but difficult.
  • PapsPierPapsPier ✭✭
    Posts: 403
    WHy do you ask? It is not like you are a beginner?
    Do you plan to come up with your own videos and you are surveying to know what people prefer?
    Wim GlennBill Da Costa Williams
  • The reason why I am asking is because the number of online materials to learn gypsy jazz is already humongous. I'm curious to know what people think is helpful, and what's not.

    Yes, I am considering the production of tutorial videos in the style.
    It's important for me at this point to understand what has been the experience of musicians who tried to improve their skill using the materials that are currently out there. If this has been a positive experience, or if It has been a painful experience, that didn't really help them to improve as much as what they expected to improve, for the money and the time they spent.

    This would obviously have a direct impact on either way, the choice of the materials I would decide to feature in my first online class, or on the way I would decide to talk about this materials.
    In any case, I consider that some very important things are being told among all the videos out there.
    I still think that some very important things are still not being told.
    Maybe I'll just start there. Thank you for asking.

    What can you tell us about you and your musical journey? How do you practice and improve your skill in your daily routine?

    Wim GlennJosechiky
  • Posts: 2,576
    It would've been more helpful to you, I think, if your last post was a thread starter. That plus the way it's titled, you're only going to hear what/who people like, not the other way around.
    And yeah, just like Pier, I was perplexed with your question.
    Wim Glenn
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • richter4208richter4208 ✭✭✭
    Posts: 363
    Darius, i've watched several of your videos. Maybe you should concentrate on the bebop gypsy jazz style? There's not as much material out there concentrating on that so it would be more unique, just a thought
    Wim Glenn
  • edited February 2018 Posts: 78
    Hi Buco, thanks for your statement. I'm new to this forum so I am not aware of the different options and section when it comes to post, how, or where to post, how to ask... can you tell me more about "thread starter"?
    I'm happy so far with the feedbacks I have received so far in this conversation.
    Thanks again.
  • Thank you Richter, yes I think there are plenty of expert musicians out there who can teach the tradition of gypsy jazz very well, and in some case, better than I would.
    My main focus will definitely be on the jazz part of gypsy - jazz, and give to the aspiring soloists the fundamentals that will allow them to develop their unique style, and sound like who they are.
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