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AER and magnetic pickups

I'm sure this has been covered before, but I'm interested in hearing about how other folks use magnetic pickups and AER amps. Specifically, does anyone use a pre/external EQ? If so, what are your settings? If not, what are your amp settings?
I use a Peche into a Compact 60. The sound works for the gig, but I'm sure I could get a better sound out of it and am interested to hear how others work with similar setups.

Thanks in advance!


  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 726
    I use a krivo into a 60 for loud gigs. Run a Baggs Venue in front. Has a tuner and a boost plus notch filter. Leave things pretty much at 50% on the eq with slight variations. Works fine for the one brutal room where I need a magnetic pickup. Would prefer an acoustic sound but this gets the job done. A different room and my settings might change.
  • MattHenryMattHenry Washington, DC✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 128
    Kinda OT but have you used an Ischell yet? I'd been trying different mic/pickup solutions like anyone for years now and the Ischell is my favorite by far. I use it with an Acoustic Image Corus right now but I'd be curious to try it with something more portable.

    Even more OT: are you coming to DIJ??
  • edited May 2017 Posts: 1,180
    Hey Matt

    I have used the ischell for years, but stopped about a year and a half ago in favor of the Peche. My gig is very steady and I sit basically right on top of the amp. On wedding or other private gigs, the Peche is a horse. Not exactly the best sound, but it will push out enough volume for a room of 20 or a room of hundreds. I've been meaning to give the Ischell another go at the restaurant. Maybe this is the prompting I need.

    No DIJ for me this year as I recently started a new job. Kinda of sucks since I've been asking for a waltz class for years and this is apparently the year of the waltz. C'est la vie. Enjoy it!
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