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Upcoming US workshops (September 13th New York, Denver on 16th and 24, 25 at DFNW)

HemertHemert Prodigy
edited September 2016 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 264
A little reminder about my upcoming workshops in September. There will be three workshops in DFNW - violin, guitar and a joint venture with Stochelo and Mozes Rosenberg. If you're not at DFNW I will host two workshops in New York and Denver. Here's a copy/paste of the facebook anouncement I made earlier this week:

The 13th of September - I will teach a workshop in Brooklyn, New York on my 'van Hemert System' (gypsy jazz guitar improv method) which is organized by Jayson Goodner. I think there's still some spots open so if you're interested contact Jayson on Facebook (or send me a private message here on Djangobooks and I will make sure Jayson puts you on the list).

On the 16th of September I will be in Denver teaching the same workshop. This one is organized by Hugh Huffaker. More info here:

My system is a great tool for people struggling with improvisation or wanting to get started with it. If you master it you will be a fluent player, no doubt about it. The system is a complete method and in theory you wouldn't need anything else to play so called "in-the-pocket" improvised solos!

However I've been working on some "modules" dealing with sounds/concepts that are not part of the system yet. They should integrate seamlessly with the system so they are what I consider 'next steps'. Until now I have 'octatonic', 'blues', 'augmented/wholetone' and what I call 'French altered' modules. I'm still tweaking them but the first time I will teach with the modules will be at Stephane Wrembel's Django a Gogo festival/camp:

Here's a part of the 'octatonic' module. The chord that fits with all of this is D7b9(13)!

Here's some more videos about my system I published on Facebook originally:

All videos have been transcribed by Facebook user Eric Lecordier. You can find those on my Facebook page at:
nomadgtrHugh Huffaker
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