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AI Corus Series IV, pickups, mics, etc.....

Craig BumgarnerCraig Bumgarner Drayden, MarylandVirtuoso Bumgarner S/N 001
edited August 2016 in Classifieds Posts: 795
Not gigging as much as I used to and what I do is mostly acoustic. I'd like to sell what I'm not using:
  • Acoustic Image Corus Series IV amp with dust cover and power cord. Two channels with full features on both channels. Tons of power, never used more than half power even in large outdoor settings. In excellent condition, everything works. I paid $1,400 new, will sell for $875.
  • Lace Ultraslim magnetic pickup (I stuck it on with putty). Works well, sounds reasonably good for lead and rhythm. 1/4" plug $50
  • Boss GE7 Graphic Equalizer pedal. Works well with mag pickup. The pedal button toggles between equalized and pass through. The equalizer has seven channels the raise or lower volume across seven frequencies. I used it backward so to speak. Set up the amp to sound good in pass through and then set the equalizer to reduce volume and midrange frequencies for rhythm. 1/4" in/out $50
  • AKG contact mic, requires phantom power, XLR plug. $75. Super easy to use. Works best on less responsive guitars.
  • Antonio Sudro magnetic pickup. Ultra thin with XLR cabling and plug. Made in Italy by Antonio himself. Like new. Slimmest of the slim. Stick with putty or magnetic straps. Sounds good, looks good, picks up some acoustic sound from the guitar body so more acoustic sounding the most mags, but still sounds mostly like a mag. XLR $75.
  • Ditto loop pedal. XLR. Very simple to use, works great to lay down a rhythm track for practice or on a gig. I used it for about six months playing GJ in duo with a violinist. He'd play the head, I'd play rhythm, recording the rhythm as I went, then I'd loop it for my solo. Does not store pre-recorded tracks or have multiple channels like the Boss RC or JamMan, but much simpler to use as a result. $70.
  • GoPro Hero 3 Silver with waterproof case, LCD back-screen, multiple cases and connections. Nice little rig for taking video at gigs. $150.
  • Rode NT3 condenser mic. XLR, Super clean sounding, used this to record my guitar on the HC/DC CD Gypsy with a Song, with Mary Alouette on vocals, nothing else I tried even came close. $150
  • Shure SM57 mic, (authentic, not counterfeit) $50
  • Echo 3G, a soundboard that fits a PCI slot in a PC and an interface box that allows 1/4" and XLR inputs (2) with trim controls six outputs, Works great. very clean sound for recording with condenser mics with XLR plugs. $50.

Shipping extra at cost.
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