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Ziroli Winterstein

NEvansNEvans Austin, TxNew
edited April 2006 in History Posts: 18
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Ziroli Winterstein Ensemble. I heard a version of Autumn Leaves done on the rough guide to gypsy swing and loved it.



  • patrus le sommelierpatrus le sommelier ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 208
    that song was taking from "Love Letters" 2002 with Vano & Terrangi Bamberger
    very very good album but very hard to find.
    more info here:

    That's the only album as LEAD of Ziroli. I wish more. also one or two bootleg of him.

    but he was on many CD with Lulu Reinhardt on rhythm for Titi Winterstien
    or Hans'che Weiss couple album we was on.

    Funf Jahre MDZ
    Das Hans'che Weiss Quintet
    MDZ 6
    Dja Maro Drom
    I Raisa

    Djinee tu kowa ziro

    hope this can help

  • NEvansNEvans Austin, TxNew
    Posts: 18
    Thanks. I've been looking for info for awhile. I'll check that stuff out.
  • BarengeroBarengero Auda CityProdigy
    Posts: 527
    That's the only album as LEAD of Ziroli.

    "Love Letters" isn´t the only CD of Ziroli as lead. He has been member of the ensemble "Salut!" for a short while and this band made a CD called "Green and Orange" in 1996. There are some beautiful compositions of Ziroli on that CD like "Farina" (= "For Pass"), "Valse à Hojok" and "Valse à Häns´che". It was published on the "Edition Collage" Label and to my knowledge it is still available:

    (click "Edition Collage" - "our releases" and then scroll down a little bit. You can click on the cover to get more infos.)

    Btw: There is some fine stuff from Martin Weiss, Traubeli Weiss and Joe Bawelino on that label as well!

    To my knowledge Ziroli is planning a new CD called "Ziroli Winterstein Ensemble & The Funny Valentines", but I don´t know when it will be released.


    P.S.: I recommend the CD of Zirolis father Prinzo and his uncle Betzi. There is a fine version of Autumn Leaves (=Les feuilles mortes), too: ... uropean_cd
  • patrus le sommelierpatrus le sommelier ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 208
    Thanks very much Barengero for the info.
    I will order that CD

    I should have said "to my knowledge That's the only album as LEAD of Ziroli."

    I am glad I was wrong.

    do know what's available from Lulu Reinhardt?

    I only have
    1-"Live Konzer Athen" with Rigo Winterstein
    2-"King of the Gypsies" also with Rigo
    3-with Dodi Schumacher LP
    4-also bootleg with Dodi Live 1980.

    Thanks again

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  • BarengeroBarengero Auda CityProdigy
    Posts: 527
    Hi Patrus,
    great to see you here! What an enrichment for this forum!

    Unfortunately I don´t´have any recordings of Lulu Reinhardt that you don´t have. I am sure you have the Titi Winterstein recordings with Lulu you mentioned above. But there are two more CDs you didn´t mention: "Live mit Vanessa und Sorba (1987)" and "Maro Djipen (1994)". I know a collector who has a 70 min Video of Rigo Winterstein with Lulu Reinhardt from 2001. I ´ll try to get it.

    I have a rare recording of Rigo Winterstein Swingtett that was never released in public, but this one does not feature Lulu Reinhardt.

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