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Players of gypsy jazz accordion: what is your approach for your gypsy jazz accordion style?

accent_musaccent_mus Philadelphia, PA✭✭ Siwa and Figli Super Cobra 18" Keyboard
in Accordion Posts: 21
This is the music of Django right? Specifically where does the accordion fit in? We don't say the same things guitars do, and we don't say the things the violins do. So what do we say?
What is your approach?
Who do you copy?
Have you transcribed solos?
I really hope, we don't get alot of, 'I play long notes' answers!! Yikes. : )
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  • accent_musaccent_mus Philadelphia, PA✭✭ Siwa and Figli Super Cobra 18" Keyboard
    Posts: 21
    My biggest influences for vocabulary and approach are Marcel Loeffler and Richard Galliano, with Ludovic coming in a close third. From those three guys I have studied and mined them for their approach and concepts. How they comp, phrase, solo, interpret melodies.
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  • stradellastradella New
    Posts: 1
    "We don't say the same things guitars do"

    Well...This probably doesn't happen to anyone else, but sometimes we only have one guitarist at our jam session and I find it helpful to be able to imitate la pompe so he can take a solo. Left hand plays bass+chord on 1 and 3, then a little flick motion to brush the bass button ahead of the stacatto chord button accent on 2 and 4. Seems to work.
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