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Gypsy Guitarists in Central PA?

bmaubmau New
in Classifieds Posts: 1
I play guitar in a group with an upright bassist, a female vocalist, and (on occasion) a harmonium player. Until recently we played with a talented second guitarist who will be moving to Oregon at the end of July. We're all between the ages of 24 and 30, used to practicing as a group 2 or 3 times a week, and looking to add another guitar player and increase the frequency with which we gig.

We're hoping for someone in Central PA (we're based out of Williamsport), but we're open to working with someone farther away if we can make the gigs and repertoire work. We play the tried-and-true 'canon' stuff (Douce Ambiance, Django's Tiger, Minor Swing, etc.), standards, a handful of covers, and an increasing number of original tunes, and gig in the area. If you're interested in hearing more, or hearing us (we recorded two tracks before the other guitar player got the opportunity in OR), or just plain interested, let me know and I'll send what I have.

If you're fairly new to the genre and have a new Manouche guitar and a strong pompe, then it might be a good band to grow with. If you're Django reincarnate, I'll pompe for you (but you have to show me all your moves between gigs). Looking forward to playing regardless



  • bugplayerbugplayer ✭✭
    Posts: 12
    Hi, I'm interested. My family home is in Harrisburg. I live in Delaware and I go back and forth regularly I play in a gypsy/Balkan band and as a single guitarist and I've been doing gypsy jazz stuff for several years, but I have no one with whom to play. My email is Thanks.
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