My first attempt at trying to work Django into my style

jazzygtrjazzygtr Stillwater, MN✭✭ Gibson J-35
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Good morning all. I'll start by saying that I've been approaching Minor Swing from two sides:

1) Learning it note-4-note and playing it on acoustic with as much of the Gypsy style picking I am capable of right now... and this video is certainly is NOT that :)

2) I just simply love Django's sense of rhythm, groove and melody when he solos (I hear his solos as themes and melodies and just LOVE them), and I would like to start incorporating some of those specific things into my playing style and improvising SPECIFICALLY when I'm not playing in a gypsy jazz context. And that is what this short video clip is about.

So in this video I was thinking more of a bluesy jazz style, and wanting to put a few things in from Django that I love as well. This was a much longer jam than I have here (only a minute and a half here), and you'll notice toward the end of this jam I threw in one chorus from Django's actual solo as well (not played perfect, but it felt right to go there with the chorus I had played right before it which was heavily Django influenced).

This is the only video I've ever posted here, and I'm sorry if it's not hard core gypsy jazz, but I am having A LOT of fun trying to find places to stick in some Django while I'm playing in another style all together :) And I hope you enjoy.

Tech notes: This is just cheap Epiphone ES-175 plugged straight into an acoustic amp and the backing track run into the Aux in of the amp.

YouTube Link:


  • GuitGuyGuitGuy Grand Junction, CO✭✭ AJL 503 X-O
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    Nice job! I think it's very useful to try and incorporate what draws you to Django's music in your own, natural playing. It's one thing to try and nail his solos note-for-note, and quite another to "channel" his inspiration in your own way. Keep up the good work!
  • jazzygtrjazzygtr Stillwater, MN✭✭ Gibson J-35
    Posts: 80
    Thanks so much. Really the first chorus in this video is as close as I get to incorporating what I've been learning from Django (note choice, phrasing, etc.) and that is what lead me to play the next chorus which is as close as I could get to note-4-note-Django. The rest is just me digging back into my old style.

    So again, thanks for any comments and/or opinions. Just trying to grow and change as a player, and Django certainly inspires!!!
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