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What to think of Occidental Gypsy

murrayatuptownmurrayatuptown Holland, MI✭✭
edited January 2015 in Welcome Posts: 59
The band Occidental Gypsy is booked at a local music venue in February and I'm a bit puzzled by the direction they take manouche into.

They are free to do so, and don't represent themselves as 'textbook manouche', but they are 'closer to it' than a number of other 'gypsy-influenced' bands, some of which I hear very little influence in...

I actually find the barely-influenced variety easier to listen to without presumption than OG because OG preserves enough instrumentation, technique and harmony that I am biased to listen to them as manouche...and can't help myself getting frustrated.

The intrumentation and what I described to someone as 'swingus interruptus', a pattern I may have unfortunately stumbled on by my choice of videos to preview, in which they seem to like to stop and start alot once they get some swing going. It seems to be part of their style, but I felt like someone jammed a broom handle into the spokes when things got moving. Maybe things would smooth out over a whole set.

The seem to be using alot of the 'tonal center/tonality' or 'mood' of manouche but not so much other elements. I struggle to describe it, and just attempted to do so yesterday for a person not very familiar with the traditional-modern end of the spectrum of the genre.

I told the person that they were talented, that it would be nice to seem a band with that skill level locally, and that I plan on attending if it fits my schedule...but they confuse me...and that might just be me...they do not misrepresent themselves and qualify as more legitimately-influenced than some other folks...

Opinions appreciated...


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