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Swing Gitan: Tune of the Month, Feb 06.

JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
edited February 2014 in Repertoire Posts: 1,748
Hi, gang.

Last month's [i]Lulu Swing[/i] thread seemed to be a bit of a wash, so I thought we'd get back to a tune more people might be familiar with: [i]Swing Gitan[/i]. Here we go...

A) Harmony: Chords, Chord Shapes, Substitutions
Some basic changes from the Nuages de Swing site:


Some variations:
For the first 3 D7s, instead of two bars of D7, try one bar of Cm6 and one of D7. Really this is just a ii-V leading to the Gm, but it's easier to write Cm6 than Am7b5/ can also try playing the root position Am7b5:


In bars 7 & 8, you might throw in a walk from the root position Gm6 to an Ab with a C in the bass (2 beats each until the Ab/C):

From there you can also walk it back down to the Gm, OR:
try moving to this Gm6 shape to keep the voicing nearby-

Another walk that's useful under the head, but often gets nasty looks from your soloist if he's trying to improvise:

Bars 13-16, 2 beats each:
Bars 13 & 14 are just diminished subs for the A; 15 & 16 just walking down the scale back to Gm...

B) Heads: Fingering & Picking

C) Improvisation:
As usual, I stink. Some sections I'd be interested in reading about would be how to approach the A7 and the Ab sections...

D) Intros & Outros:
For the outro, we generally just tag the A7/D7 a few times before going out on the Gm. A common variant is to play through to the Gm then run the minor line cliche (Gm, Gm/maj7, Gm7, Gm6) before repeating the whole thing (if anyone wants to notate this one, feel free; I'm too tired).

For intros, try one of these:
---------------------repeat 4 times---------------------------



If you're not familiar with the above intro, you'll probably find it on several tunes in your collection. One well known variant is often heard on [i]Swing for Ninine[/i], but it works well for most any minor bluesish tune...
I'm also including a live version of Swing Gitan by Angelo Debarre...enjoy!



  • trumbologytrumbology San FranciscoNew
    Posts: 124
    Jack wrote:
    You'll find some charts at these fine sites:

    Fabulous work, Jack. I'm sorry I can't contribute much yet to your tune of the month discussions, but I'm benefitting from them.


    1 - Is the DeBarre recording available commercially?

    2 - I like those charts at a lot, at least aesthetically speaking. Do you know what software is involved? The chart by Andrew seems similar to the charts, visually. Other than the charts put together for Chuck Sher's New Real Book series, those sheets are the easiest things I've found to play from.

    PM me if this seems too off topic for the thread :wink:


  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,748
    Hi Neil,

    Glad you're liking it-it's good to get feedback so that these will get better as the months go by. To answer your questions: I don't think the Angelo disc is out commercially, but I could be's from a show in Quebec (at least according to mine). Andrew uses Finale to make those charts, and if you can find some more he did for the same event here: ...

    Tunes included are: Dark Eyes Minor Swing Django's Castle
    Bossa Dorado Minor Blues Swing 42
    Swing Gitan Swing 39 Douce Ambiance
    Djangology Daphne

  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,748
    Hi all,

    Here's another version, by Stephane Wrembel at Djangofest Northeast 2004, with David Langlois on washboard. For me, this was the show when Stephane really began to get a lot of attention for pushing the boundaries of what gypsy jazz means today, and he's only gotten better since!

    As to how it relates to the thread: you can hear the Gm/F/Eb/D intro (but listen too to what he does before that), and the descending minor line on the outro. It may seem to end suddenly, or oddly; that's because during the show he segues into Nuages (and from Nuages into Blues en Mineur), but I've cut it off...maybe next month!

  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,748
    Well, we're more than halfway through February, and this thread's gotten all of one response despite about 200 I'm wondering if there's something missing that all of you would like to see. For me, I'd like to see some people posting ideas for soloing; I'm almost exclusively a rhythm guitarist, so I can't really add much in that department, but I'd love to learn more.

    Let me know,
  • Tom ConwayTom Conway Maui, HawaiiNew
    Posts: 30
    Thanks for posting the 'live' Angelo clip! One of my favorite things about Angelo's playing is his brilliant execution of long triplet arpeggio or scale patterns. :shock: Serious ear candy! :)

  • The LosThe Los San DiegoNew
    Posts: 71
    Hey it's almost April and no tune of the month for March? Is the idea dead already? I looked forward to the tune of the month it would be a shame to see it go.
  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,748
    Sorry...I was caught up in the Out of Print thread this month, but I'll try to post two for April. Glad to hear you're interested!

  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,748
    Hi gang,

    I don't suppose anyone's run across a transcription of Angelo's standard intro heard here (just after the four minute mark): ... lo+Debarre

  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,748
    Just a shameless bump to make sure you guys see this post...
  • RookieRookie Berlin, GermanyNew
    Posts: 22
    Wich Ab are you using?

    I always used the Ab13 with this fingering but it sounds somehow strange.


    How would you play the Ab/C Jack mentioned earlier on?

    Any advice would be appriciated

    Thx Rookie
    Wisdom hunts me, but I am faster...
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