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  • MichaelHorowitz 1:15PM

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2011 Altamira M01 Petite Bouche for sale $600

sadowsadow ✭✭ Altamira M30 Antique
edited July 2013 in Classifieds Posts: 56
I decided to take the plunge and buy a high-end guitar, so to help finance that endeavor I'm selling my virtually unplayed Altamira M01. I purchased it in March 2011 from Norman Ort in Germany (this was before Michael was selling them). The only issue is that I had strap buttons placed in the neck and lower body, but these have been professionally removed and nicely retouched. Other than that, it's pretty minty. A few months after buying it I got a great deal on a more upscale M10, so the M01 has just been sitting in its case. The action is around 3mm at the 12th fret. It's plenty loud but not overly bright. A nice affordable quality instrument to get started with gypsy jazz, to use as a backup, or even for a budget-minded serious player. Comes with black faux-alligator hardshell case. $600 plus actual shipping cost. I really can't go any lower than that - I'd just as soon hang on to it. I'll keep this offer up for another week, until July 17. Will then delete this post and consign the guitar at the local music shop. Thanks.


  • Posts: 5
    I may be interested. Would this be a step up sound wise from a Gitane DG-255?
  • sadowsadow ✭✭ Altamira M30 Antique
    Posts: 56
    Michael calls the Altamiras "the finest Asian guitars available," so I assume this includes the Gitanes. I never personally compared the two, but I would think the Altamira has a drier tone, with more volume and bark than the DG-255. I'm also throwing in a hardshell case. I was planning on taking this down today, but will leave it up until Friday if you'd like to mull it over. Thanks.
  • Posts: 5
    Thanks. I am seriously considering it, as i just got my DG-255 used from Guitar Center, and have 28 days left to return it if I want. I paid almost as much as you are asking for yours. This DG-255 needs setup work, however, the action is high, so that will require more time or a lower bridge. I like low action and the loudest possible volume. I like as "live" a soundbox as possible, and haven't heard enough Gypsy guitars to know which ones sound wet and which ones sound dry. There is no one who stocks a selection out here in Denver, to my knowledge.

    Just curious, what sonic advantage does the M10 have over the M01? I wonder if I should be doing what you did, and just wait for a used higher end Altamira?
  • anthon_74anthon_74 Marin county, CA✭✭✭✭ Alta Mira M 01
    Posts: 561
    Snatch that guitar up man !I can tell you that, having played a few gitane dg255's, as well as currently owning a DG300, AND an Alta Mira M01, The Alta Mira is head and shoulders above both other guitars. My alta Mira sounds as good or better than some duponts I've heard.
    I would get it, string it with light gauge argentines, and put Schaller tuners on it (the tuners on the M01 are cheep, and the only downside to it).

  • Posts: 5
    Hi Anthony

    Thanks for your advice and experience. I think I will try to work something out on this Altamira M01. :)
  • sadowsadow ✭✭ Altamira M30 Antique
    Posts: 56
    The M10 seemed a little drier to me, plus it had better tuners. I've always preferred mahogany over rosewood as a body wood, which also factored into my decision to go with the M10 over the M01. That said, the M01 is actually a bit louder acoustically than the more expensive M10. THIS one is, anyhow.
  • sadowsadow ✭✭ Altamira M30 Antique
    Posts: 56
    This guitar has been sold. Thanks!
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