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Introducing the Rhythm Future Quartet

JasonAnickJasonAnick Boston/HartfordNew
edited June 2013 in North America Posts: 55
I wanted to introduce everyone to a new Gypsy jazz group of mine called the Rhythm Future Quartet. Along with myself of violin, the group includes Olli Soikkeli (young prodigy from Finnland) on lead guitar, Vinny Raniolo (plays with Frank Vignola) on rhythm guitar, and Greg Loughman on bass. We recently had a great kick-off tour around New England and recorded a 4-song live EP that you can stream online here - ... re-quartet

We also have a facebook group where you can get updates on upcoming gigs -


Jason Anick


  • murrayatuptownmurrayatuptown Holland, MI✭✭
    Posts: 59
    This seems as good a place as any to comment...

    I was a little hesitant to attempt a review, as I'm not really equipped to educate the majority of the demographic on this site...

    So let's just call these 'comments'...

    I downloaded the 11-track CD last week from the RFQ Bandcamp site, in FLAC format, burned a CD & began listening to it in the car...

    I didn't have the titles, so there were a couple tunes I wasn't real familiar with, in particular, a semi-medley Moscow Windows/La Gitane, and I was a bit puzzled over the Summertime arrangement...which went totally over my head...I was thinking 'Hmm, that's an interesting bass line, almost rock-like'. A few days later I looked at the track titles in the house and saw Summertime/Billie Jean...OH, that explains it! It doesn't come across as a medley on this one, however, it's like a bass ostinato and Summertime that are interwoven, almost like trading solos.

    I've had it close to a week, and it's not getting 'old' yet.

    In my opinion and weird analogy, the album reminds me of a good painting - each time you take it in, you get something you didn't notice before.

    It's a very nice recording.

    Jason is really an outstanding violinist. His agility and technique are amazing, and his tone is very pleasant. His upper register really sings when he calls for it, and the rest is so full and rich I might have guessed viola instead. Very skilled improviser, as well. I had him on my list of violinists to listen to, and I'm happy to say he's one of my favorites now.

    I may be imagining it, and there is road noise in the car, but I think I can hear the air in Greg Loughman's bass moving. Maybe I'm grasping for terminology, but it's something I hear when in a room listening to a live bass player and not always in a recording. The bass is very prominent in this recording, but not at all excessively. Everyone is distinctly audible and well balanced. I probably know more about the construction of a double bass than the playing of one, so I'm short on words. Greg is very good. The album showcases his talent well. Great technique and improvisation also.

    Olli is another person I had been negligent in listening to...I've watched a few live RFQ videos on Youtube and was impressed, but in this studio recording I can really hear his technique, style and tone. As much as I like manouche lead guitar, I only occasionally say someone has beautiful tone. Olli really does here. I haven't listened to enough of him yet to recognize his own 'voice' on the instrument, but I respect and appreciate the soul inherent in his lines. Great vibrato, tastefully integrated into precision, yet lyrical solos. He sounds at times like some of my favorite central European Sinti players. When I develop an ear for recognizing his 'voice', I'll stop comparing him to others. His La Pompe rhythm is great, and this is the only part of the album where I have a little trouble distinguishing the bass & rhythm guitar. I think this may be a good characteristic, as the effect is that of a very large and strong rhythm section. It's only a quartet, but sometimes sounds bigger.

    Vinny stands out on his solos on what I guess is his Guild archtop. I can clearly recognize him, but lacking liner notes, I don't know what he's playing for rhythm when Olli solos. I don't usually associate Vinny with a La Pompe style, at least in concert with Frank Vignola, but there are portions of this album where I really am curious who is playing what where I think I am hearing two 'gypsy' guitars.

    This is not intended to be a 'back-handed compliment', but it's a good thing there are ballads on this album. The overall energy level is intense.
    There is nothing dull at all. Sometimes an album has a few gems and some uninspiring pieces, but this is all good. I hope to be able to see them within sane driving distance this year.

    There are some things I haven't figured out how to describe about this album. It sounds at times European, and at times American. I would like to know a bit more about the arrangements, which one infrequently might be given on liner notes back in the LP days when the print was large enough to read. I hear something kind of organized and structured that gives this album an overall recognizable style, but I can't really tell if it's arrangement or just that these four musicians integrate that well...or both...
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