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Amp gear for sale.

PassacagliaPassacaglia Madison, WI✭✭✭✭
edited June 2013 in Classifieds Posts: 1,469
Hi all -

I've sat with this for awhile; I'm squarely returning to focus on learning, and not about playing out with the jam I lead/nascent band, for the indefinite future - too much to learn, too many people to learn from, too many places to go, to learn, and I need nothing more than my guitar, and my family.

Consequently, I'm letting my amp gear go. The mics and D.I. are for all intents and purposes, new - all but the Ischell and Baggs have been checked once or twice (at home, tweaking setup only); none, with the exception of the Ischell and Baggs (both used in one gig only) have been used in a gig. Prices are without shipping (and insurance, if desired).

Ischell Inside Box: $325 - SOLD
AKG C1000S: $110 - SOLD

I do have a Stimer I bought from Ted Gottsegen. Ted was exceedingly kind and generous in selling his for the price point, and I'll do the same - just passing along at the purchase price - $125 + shipping/insurance. More on this, if my friend takes a pass. (Pending)

I also have a UK-generation Trace Elliott TA200. Used, though I never used it more than once (again, at home, tweaking setup). The "UK" generation thing is important - after it moved production, the quality control on these apparently turned South. In great condition, some slight pot scratching which my friend thought would just go away on use. $500, plus shipping/ins - SOLD.

Thanks for looking, all.


pas encore, j'erre toujours.


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