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Gypsy Jazz article in the UK press

stublastubla Prodigy Godefroy Maruejouls
edited January 2006 in Welcome Posts: 386
Theres a very nice review of last weeks Jam at Le Quecumbar which featured your very own Dennis,Robin Katz,Simon Moore,Ducato and yours truly in the UKS Independent newspaper--some very much needed national publicity for the UKs only GJ venue.
We all had a wail of a time;its a shame about the mistakes in the article however---Dennis of course also played some mean lead gtr not just rhythm;Robin Moore is actually my friend the excellent SIMON Moore.
Its also a shame Tim Robinson(Thrip) didn't get a mention--he played some great stuff.It also implies we played fingerstyle.
Anyway its such a rare occurence that this music gets publicity in Lthe UK that we can't complain too much.
I hope to get together with Dennis in the next 2 weeks for more playing.
Hes currently in Paris checking out Ritary(who plays in London in 2 weeks) Adrian and Sebastien et al.
Happy new year


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