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Lulu Swing: Tune of the Month, Jan '06

JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
edited February 2014 in Repertoire Posts: 1,748
Hi, all. This month I thought we'd take a look at [i]Lulu Swing[/i], which seems to have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the last year or so. Here we go.

A) Harmony: Chords, Chord Shapes, Substitutions
Here's the basic chart from the Nuages de Swing website:

Below is a chart that I usually play some variation of...the changes we use tend to have a more modern sound (ninths instead of sevenths, the turnaround in descending ninths, tritone sub for the A7 to create chromatic motion), and using G#dim in place of Gm creates a sense of forward motion going to the D, which we liked. During solos, I might simplify the turnaround to a ii-V, just a V, or (this is all really dependent on the soloist), just a b5 sub for the V (Eb9 in this case). Occasionally I'll just hang on the D6/9 then just punch the Eb9 on the '...4 and' of the last bar. To create some motion in bars 5 and 6, I might do this:

bar 5:Em7 Em7/B
bar 6:A13b9/Bb Eb9

The chord shapes I'm using are your standard root position forms, with most everything being fingered with the root on the A string in the 5th to 8th fret range. The exceptions are the G, G#dim, and A13b9/Bb, rooted on the low E string. (Sorry for not writing out all the fingerings; I'm still trying to figure out how to use the software I've got here..)

B) Heads: Fingering & Picking
To me, this is one of those tunes that really force you to find the right fingerings to get the right rhythmic feel for the tune; I find it hard to do uptempo without resorting to a lot of hammer-ons. Those of you with Tchavolo's [i]Alors?...Voila![/i] CD can see on the video portion where Romane struggles to get the melody out. Unfortunately, I don't have a file of the melody to post right now, but I'll work on that soon. One thing interesting about [i]Lulu [/i]is that there's no written melody for the bridge. For those who want to take a crack at transposing the head, here's a start:

----------7--------7-9------7-9-----------6----and so on-

C) Improvisation: Suggestions about how to approach the changes
The changes are similar to tunes like [i]Exactly Like You[/i] and [i]Take the A Train[/i], so you might find inspiration there...I'll let the more experienced handle this one.

D) Intros & Outros: Beginning and ending the tune, traditional or not.
The intro I've always used is a simple movement from D6/9 up to Eb9 or A13b9/Bb, with a sort of latin rhythm-my half cribbed take on the Hans'che & Lulu version. For the outro, our lead guitarist extends the descending fourth line until it reaches the point where the D is in the top voice, and we're out.

All right, let's discuss...



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