is this for real? (busato, di Mauro, favino)

for those in the know, what´s your take on these? ... tm?ca=12_s ... tm?ca=12_s

strangely assimetrical, but seems like a (too?) good price for a Busato, no?



  • noodlenotnoodlenot ✭✭✭
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    another one: ... tm?ca=12_s

    this site is promising, thanks to the folk who talked about it in the 1st place (i forgot his name, but he´s one of the regulars)
  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    The DiMauro & Favino sort of "look right" for lack of a more accurate expression. Of course a person can't tell from photos, but they just sort of look about right from a distance.

    The Busato looks odd. Busato Grands, like this seems to be, were built in molds. It's true that the mold is a little asymmetrical, but not this much. The shape just rings false and I'm not even sure why. The asymmetry yes, but also the waist size & the general proportion of the bouts are just... I don't know - they just don't look right. It's possible that it was a very early Grand - perhaps he built a few to test the larger size before building a mold. It's common to freeform build prototypes if you want to try a new size or shape - and if you're just trying to test something you don't pay too much attention to perfection or symmetry - you're just kind of trying to get the right span - the right volume - the right taper or whatever... to get the thing roughly together so you can test & tune the acoustics. There is some precedent for that type of odd soundhole placed too far forward toward the neck. Some early guitars from the 30's were like that and the shape of the soundhole looks about like that. So... I guess it's possible that it was made when he was trying to develop that model. Then again - it could be one of many other makers or hobbyists that copied known guitars. So... if your question is "Is it a Busato Model 43/44/45?" ... the answer is no. If your question is: "Was it made in the Busato factory in the 30's or 40's... well... without getting it up on my bench, I couldn't tell you.

    You could ask Beranger. The guy says be did the fret job. He's been around a bit - he could likely tell you if it's some kind of Busato prototype or transitional model. But I wouldn't make a decision just from looking at that photo.
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  • noodlenotnoodlenot ✭✭✭
    Posts: 388
    thanks for the reply! my question, if i come to think of it, was more like "these vintage guitars just keep popping out of this site, is this to good to be true?" - but of course that´s kind of vague. the busato just looks odd, that´s for shure.

    anyway, thanks for your insight, i always appreciate your blend of knowledge and wit.

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