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new gypsy jazz player needs advise

gypsybluegypsyblue New
edited February 2012 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 14

Im Will im a British guitar player and the last few years got the django bug!!1 i had played guitar mainly blues for years before learning this style and has gone well so far.

Where i am in terms ofplaying manouch style. well i am confident rhythm player and belive i have good authentic technique or at least progressing and understanding it well in terms of solo playing. I have learnt lots of guitar solos note fr note and my musical ear is good and i have some idea of arpeggios etc. and am pleased with tone and projection im getting when playing things

But i have very litlle in way of music theory and wanted some people perspective of there aproach to improvised solos.

So far im using lots min6 arpeg as well as diminished runs etc as well as phrasing notes and lines by ear. What is good ways to improvise, work of route notes of chords as a base etc? Any advise to anything would be greatly recived.

I know there are lots of fantastic reasources out there with books dvd's etc, but can someone giveme a overall general idea of starting points fr approaching solo playing

Any comments be thankfully recived.

Many Thanks



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