More Unheard Django with Duke Ellington, and more!

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The following audio clip is an excerpt from a 45-second preview of "Ride Red Ride" from the CD "Best of Django Reinhardt on Vogue", only released in Japan. Note how it not only includes what was on the Intégrale Vol. 20 version, but also some more! I don't own this CD, so it is possible that more omitted fragments are present in this version of the tune than is evident from this 45 second preview I grabbed from a japanese website.

Here is a side-by-side comparison with the Intégrale version. Note how the "new" one still seems to cut off or be damaged at the 00:06 mark.

"Best of Django Reinhardt on Vogue":

"Intégrale Django Reinhardt" Vol. 20 disc 2:

But there's more!

There is a "Django Reinhardt on Vogue - Complete Edition" 8 CD box set only released in Japan, and that includes this and other rare tunes like the 1949 "Night and Day" Radio Broadcast with Paul Baron's Orchestra from the "This is Paris" Maurice Chevalier Show. This box set might have a more complete version of the broadcast than what is found on the Intégrale set.

I've read that "Ride, Red, Ride" was edited quite heavily between LP's. I wonder if the original is still out there, and if that has even MORE music that was omitted.

I'm guessing the makers behind these Japan releases sourced their material from several rare LP's. Either Daniel Nevers had a different source for "Red, Ride, Red" on Intégrale Vol. 20 disc 2, or he removed these two seconds on purpose. Either way, It's a mystery. And it begs the question: What else is hiding on these rare Japan-only releases?

Does anyone have "Best of Django Reinhardt on Vogue" OR "Django Reinhardt on Vogue - Complete Edition"???

Here is the website I found this on:

This is just like the 1953 "Fine and Dandy" jam session with Tony Proteau's orchestra live on the radio. On the Intégrale it cuts to later in the tune at around 6:15. On "Django on the Radio" it continues for 5 seconds and fades out at 6:20. It's also issued on a rare LP: "Collectables CD 7139", but I don't know if it has the whole thing. It could exist in its entirety on the "Django Reinhardt on Vogue - Complete Edition" 8 CD box set, but I can't know for sure. All I want is the complete unaltered recording. :( There is also the issue of "Margie" from 1951 being damaged towards the end. Why hasn't it been restored? I also read in Paul Vernon's "Jean 'Django' Reinhardt: a contextual bio-discography 1910-1953" that two tunes with Django and Jacques Helian and his orchestra ("Double Whiskey" and "I Got Rhythm") were to appear on the Intégrale set, but they never did! Why?


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    I stumbled across the same recording on another CD. Unfortunately, it seems that those two seconds of Django were the only thing omitted from the full Intégrale Vol. 20 disc 2 version.

    So without further ado, here is the whole thing, from "Jazz - The Essential Collection" Vol. 4

    Apart from the two missing seconds, not very interesting and much worse quality than what is found on Intégrale Vol. 20 disc 2.
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    Keep looking my friend and you will find something. Here is a poor quality but very rare photo of Django and Steph to keep you going:-
  • Svanis1337Svanis1337 ✭✭✭
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    Thanks, Roger. You're always so nice and kind. And only a complete nerd like myself can get excited over 2 seconds of missing music by DR. You're my best GJ pal. :) The doors of Opportunity are opening up in future years and I'll be there at the grand opening, discover things. And I will share every little ounce of memorabilia with everyone. It's a beautiful vision that helps me sleep at night. I can't wait to find out what amazing things us GJ fanatics will discover in the years to come.

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    yes indeed the Frémaux version has better sound but the edit lacks bars in the tune !!

    Also the pitch is not the same.

    NIce find !!! :D
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