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Welcome to my Favino pages, dedicated to the French Luthiers Jacques and Jean Pierre Favino.

Almost every respectable guitarist in the gipsy jazz tradition since the 1950's has played a Favino guitar and so there must be something special about them. Therefore I found it strange to discover that it's hard to find proper information about the Favino guitars. Here I saw an opportunity to collect and share all the information available. This is also a possible way to stop people from the misuse of information by asking ridiculous prices for a guitar which should always be offered at a fair price to buyers.

On these pages you'll find facts and stuff I've collected and received over the more than 10 years in which I have been playing Favino guitars. Some of this information is correct and other things are absolute nonsense. I do realize that there are still missing dates and other inaccuracies (if so please let me know, it's just the best that I know). Since this site has been on the web I already have had a lot of comments, contributions etc. With your help we can make it the all encompassing Favino source, which would be a great achievement.

Finally: I hope that this site will be the place were Favino owners, players and admirers can find and will share information for getting to know their Favino's a little better.

Sincerely yours, John Friedrichs.

Who has played Favinos?

Piton Reinhardt, Barthélémy Rosso, Matelot Ferret, Jean Bonal, Louis Fays, Jacques Montagne, Huges Aufray, Guy Beart, Antoine Bonelli, Bruno Bqcqrq, Alain Barriere, Henri Salvador, Paulo Quilici, Pierre Perret, Doc Watson, Leny Escudero, Georges Moustaki, Sarane Ferret, Baro Ferret, Georges Brassens, Paul Vidal, Salvatore Adamo, Niglo Adel, Mondine Garcia, Chatou Garcia, Nino Ferrer, Enrico Macias, Bernard Cocqgnqc, Ninine Garcia, Steve Waring, Francois Cerutti, Jacques Higelin, Silvio Usai, Eric Vincent, Boulou Ferre, Elios Ferre, Pierre Vasiliu, Pierre Barouh, Ricet Barier, Colette Magny, Christian Escoude, Maurice Ferret, Jospeh Pouville, Marc Fosset, Marie-Ange Martin, Dan Ar Braz, Fapy Lafertin, Goun, Maxime Leforestier, Joan Baez, Michel Ferre, Jacques Montagne, Marie-Paul Belle, Laurent Bajata, Catherine Lara, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Christiane Oriol, Jacques Vaney, Vincent Apsil, Francois Moerman, Jean-Patrick Capdevielle, Joel Favreau, Mannick, Rodolphe Raffalli, Dan Gharibian, Romane, Jean Hummenry, Michel Haumont, Yves Duteil, Gaiti Lagrene, Tschirglo Loeffler, Pascal Storch, Olivier Giraud, Raphael Fays, Francis Lalanne, Jean-Felix Lalanne, Bireli Lagrene, Philippe Chatel, Yannick Monnot, Hansche Weiss, Ziroli Winterstein, Lulu Reinhardt, Holzmanno Winterstein, Dorado Schmitt, Patrick Saussois, Jacques-Noel Leglise, Xavier Lacouture, Ian Cruikshank, Gilbert Lafaille, Max Robin, Robert Portal, Henri-Claude Portal, John Friedrichs, Christophe Lartilleux, Jean-François Ruiz, Valerie Ambroise, Moreno Winterstein, Serge Krief, Alan Kelly, Stochelo Rosenberg, Tokyo Hot Club Band, Michel Gentils, Pierre Touquet, Mathias Muller, Pierre Pesnon, Raymond Devos, Dany Brillant, Jean-Philippe Watremez, Pierre Barre, Ramon Galan, Robin Nolan

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