Cedar Creek Custom Favino Case



Finally a source for a quality hardshell case made specifically for a Favino oval hole guitar is available. An off the shelf case just doesn't fit properly because of the Favino's extra wide lower bout. But thanks to the Cedar Creek Custom Case Shoppe, a specially designed case made to snugly fit a Favino has been created. The case pictured here has several upgrades including: a 5-ply laminated shell, brown swamp alligator exterior, crushed velvet interior, and a custom nameplate. Make sure to specify either the thinner design which fits the Macias model (seen here), or the deeper design which fits the rosewood models. The 5-ply shell is incredibly rugged, but it does weigh more than the average guitar case. The empty 5-ply case weighs in at 16 lbs., 5 oz. versus 11 lbs. for a standard TKL 3-ply jumbo case. Contact Cedar Creek's Terry Hazelton at 1-800-370-2991 for details on options and pricing.