Rare Busato D Hole

This Busato is now owned by Patrick Bitane in Amsterdamn. As for the very intricate and ellaborate inlays, on the top it has mother of pearl and abalone small blocks in between windows of three layed small pieces of wood. Then you have the wood inlays ( still in the same "window" green color) surounded with pieces of wood as well. Then it has three layers of normal inlays and the same is repeated on the sides.

Since Busato saw two wars (and the last one as you know was really bad) which showed the evil face of destruction and everything you would dare have to see in a movie, and since this man was also a sensitive artist, he therefore decided to make guitars as beautiful as he could in a gesture of hope.

We think this guitar is a culmination of that hope, and he made this beautiful guitar as his last work of art. There is none other like this one in the world. He made this guitar in 1951 or 1952.

Leo Eimers has reportedly made one or two modern copies of this guitar.