JP Favino #932 - 1984

The SN of this one is #932 and it was built in September of 1984. This is truly a spectacular guitar, the sound is unbelievable. I do not think I would trade this for a real Selmer. I also have owned a maple bodied Favino made by the father in the early 60s, it looked quite similar to your #81, the same inlay. But to be honest, I didn't care for this guitar, it did not have much sound in it, especially not for rhythm, but not much for lead, either. I was lucky that I was able to trade it for the one I have now.

I play in a trio called Musette Guitars, we specialize in musette and gitane waltzes, and maybe a little bit of other Parisien-style music a la Sarrane Ferret. Not so much in the pure Django style. You can find some info on our website - . There are a couple of mp3s there and our CD is the last stages of being finished - at least I hope it is nearly done, we have had a lot of problems with the people at the studio. The sound that Andy, our soloist was able to get in the studio with the Favino is unbelievable.

Scot Wise