JP Favino #909 - 1984

This Favino belonged to Popy Basily from Rijswijk, Holland. I have no idea where he got it from. In the early 90's I bought it from Patrick Bitane. It was my very first Favino! I recorded a few tracks with it when I was playing with Robin Nolan. I exchanged it when I bought an older Favino. Patrick owned it again for a few months until it was stolen in Holland. It is still not discovered were the guitar went...........

The top is spruce and the side's and back are from Brazilian Rosewood. The neck was originaly painted black. I sanded it and had it resprayed in a transparant finish. On the headstock was the gold JP Favino label. The label on the inside carried the name Jacques but the signature was Jean-Pierre. The tuners are the Schallers H Ni 2. I had some SB on the guitar for a while to make it look like a Jacques.
The heel of the neck was somewhat thicker and less elegant than on the other guitars. JP told me it was done by another guy in the workshop.

It was this guitar that made me started think about who made wich guitar.
This one is defenitly made by JP!!

John Friedrichs