Jean-Pierre Favino #1130


This guitar is a grand bouche without the fretboard extension. As with most of JP's
guitars these days the back and sides are Brazilian Rosewood, Maple neck and Spruce
top. This guitar has the MOP block fret inlays as well. It's not actually mother-of
pearl but some sort of plastic-like material which he didn't know the name in

The guitar is light but I have yet to weigh it at this time. It has a nice dry low
end with nice cutting trebles that "pop" as well. Overall nicely balanced and is the
ultimate "all around" jazz guitar regardless of what style you want to play that
day! This thing out of the box sounds somewhat aged already. JP said the wood was old
but I forgot to ask him how old more or less he was talking. 

I saw Stochelo in Germany and he signed the back of the headstock.