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Phil Jones Bass BASS CUB BG-100

Phil Jones Bass BASS CUB BG-100


Sometimes all you need is an amp that can deliver true bass tones but without the hassle of getting out a big rig amplifier. The Bass Cub is 100 watts of pure tone in a “shoebox” size package and so light, it can be lifted even with a finger!

It can sit on the floor or on top of a desk. Two independent channels can accept two instruments or one microphone. It also has a stereo input for Drum machine or I-pod/MP3 player. Practicing can be done with the 2 internal speakers or headphones.

The BASS CUB comes with a slip cover.

With these features and great sound there is no longer an excuse you can not practice.

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Amp Specs
Two independent channels can accept two instruments or one microphone.
Switchable Hight / Low input
Two 3-band  EQ
Optical Limiter
Headphone Output
Tuner Output
Pre-amp Line Output
Balanced Line Output
Two Internal 5-inch Proprietary PJPS Speakers
Dimensions: 12 x 10.8 x 7.8 inch (W x D x H)
Weighs only 13.2 lbs / 6kg
AC Voltage: 100 - 240 Volt / 50 - 60Hz
2 Year Warranty

Phil Jones Cub BG-100 Manual

Reviews and Ratings


BG-100 Bass Cub

Pros: The best there is...period.

Cons: Not getting it sooner.

My first impression was the obvious quality of this amp. It is beautiful. I simply cannot believe how good it sounds. From a whisper to really loud the amp has a tonality that will astound you to no end. The input for using a cd player or drum machine sounds fantastic as well. Even at a very low setting it has tremendous punch. I have permanently cured myself of leaving my basses in the closet. Now I can't stop playing them! Go out and get this amp. You are in for the treat of a lifetime.

Submitted by: Greg on 01/27/2012 10:42:03 PM


Bass Cub BG-100

Pros: Sound, size, weight and price

Cons: none

I own a variety of PJB equipment including a Briefcase, D-200 and Bass Buddy and with each unit I find the sound to be rather uncolored – amplifying the natural sound of my bass. In a side by side comparison (in my house) I thought the Briefcase had a more 'airy' sound - some might say more treble or high end sound whereas the Bass Cub sounded a little more 'tight' or 'boxy'. Yet when I rehearse or gig I find the amp 'sits' well and provides a full sound. I am especially impressed that such a small and light amp can provide enough bottom to support a big band. As with the Briefcase, the Bass Cub is affected by physical placement. With the Briefcase I have found it works better when placed a foot or so from a wall. With the Bass Cub it works best when placed on the floor (as one might expect) yet I am inclined to set the amp on a chair for easy access without compromising my sound. The limiter/compressor is also a very useful feature and I feel is integral to achieving the best sound. I like the simple 3 band eq; it's musical and powerful. A little bit goes a long way. I like Phil Jones amps. I think the company provides all the necessary components needed for live or studio work. Pick-ups on an upright bass require much higher input impedance than the pick-ups of an electric bass. The input impedance on PJB amps is close to 4 meg-ohms which really helps when using piezo pickups. The Bass Cub also has a DI output and a line out. I'm looking forward to a matching powered speaker cabinet specifically for the Bass Cub. I think back to when I carried a Portaflex B-15 30+ years ago, the separate amp heads and cabinets I used to schlep, and all the other amps I've had since and am grateful someone is making small, light and powerful amps today. The Phil Jones amps have replaced the GK MB-150s I used to carry. I could go on about the Bass Cub - like having two independent channels and the aux input with a separate level control or having all the controls located on top and recessed for easy access. For my application - reproduction of my upright - it's a great amp. I found the sales and support at Django Books to be just as great.

Submitted by: Dave on 05/13/2011 08:57:30 AM


Bought a second!

Pros: Extremely clean, very small and light.

Bought a Bass Cub to use with a Phil Jones Suitcase for keyboards. I liked the Cub so much, I bought a second to run the keys in stereo.

Submitted by: friendben on 05/12/2011 03:21:25 PM


Phill Jones BG100

Pros: Light, Clean Sounding, Well Made, Full Featured

Cons: Not nearly as loud as one might expect from 100W

I bought this amp to replace my Acoustic B20. I really like the BG100 because it is very clean sounding, light and super portable, well built and full featured. However, it is not much louder than the 20W B20 and struggles at practice (which granted is too loud but that is primarily why I bought the BG100. From a volume perspective it is marginal as a rock band practice amp but would be perfect for an acoustic practice and maybe an acoustic gig.

Submitted by: jeffrs on 04/30/2011 11:54:06 AM

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