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Wegen Yeux Noir 2.5 Pick (Dark Eyes)

Wegen Yeux Noir 2.5 Pick (Dark Eyes)

2.5mm eye shaped pick (can be played on either side).

Our Price: $18.00

Reviews and Ratings

Worthwhile Purchase

By: Brett H on 07/11/2012 10:37:16 PM

I purchased this as well as the Dark Eyes 3.5mm. Both picks are exactly as advertised. First and foremost, they continue the fine quality that all Wegen picks offer. With regards to the unique design; this pick is essentially a double-ended Wegen Twin pick. Thus, you are getting two picks in one (although that is not so appealing if you lose one of these). The only drawback I find is adjusting to the feel of the extra pick end which protrudes beyond where I typically grip my pick. This feels somewhat restricting, especially when playing faster runs. Overall, it is a Wegen and alhtough this particular model may not be suitable for everyone, the quality and value are just what you would expect from one of the best. Thus, my overall rating of four stars is reflective of the pick functionality in comparison to a more traditional shaped pick. Additionally, I just can't say enough about the service I have received from djangobooks.com! The "boutique" pick selection is second to none. Every single order was shipped out immediately and received in 2-3 days from Washington to Ohio. The orders were well packed and tracking info was also provided. A big thank you to Michael Horowitz!

Good Value

By: Django56 on 07/15/2011 08:12:38 PM

A great pick for gypsy jazz.

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