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Wegen Gypsy Jazz Pick (white picks ship in 4-6 weeks)

Wegen Gypsy Jazz Pick (white picks ship in 4-6 weeks)
Michel Wegen began his pick making career by fashioning the best possible picks for Gypsy jazz guitarists. His "Gypsy jazz pick" was his original creation and remains a best seller to this day. It is very similar in shape, size, and sound to picks that Django and other Gypsies make themselves.

This pick is one of the best choices for achieving a traditional 30s/40s era Django tone. The thicker dimensions and bevel allow the pick to slide over the string to create a warm, smooth sound that is synonymous with Django's classic tone. It has just the right amount of "click" or pick noise to give each note the desired clarity and attack.
3.5mm thick, 30mm long, 26mm wide.
Our Price: $15.00
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Reviews and Ratings

Gypsy jazz standard

By: Manny on 07/28/2018 12:03:33 PM

These are industry standard gypsy jazz guitar picks and should be used by gypsy jazz guitarist as the model to measure all other picks . Well balanced , loud , clear and comfortable.You can`t go wrong with the standard Wegen gypsy jazz pick.

Wegen Picks

By: Bill on 09/20/2017 10:26:31 PM

Wegen Picks I have used two sizes (250 & 350) of the Wegen Gypsy Jazz picks and three thicknesses of the Wegen Bluegrass Picks. All of the picks are fantastic and they have been key in my improvement as a guitar player. I use them when I play rock, blues, and country. Each pick has a distinct feel and they work with any style. They make speedy picking faster and cleaner. Every guitarist should own a handful.

Different, but great !

By: antofalltrades on 05/05/2015 03:31:01 PM

I usually use the dunlop Jazz 3's, but after trying the "la pompe" properly with the dunlop's, I knew I definitely needed a more substantial pick, so after a little bit of youtube watching and googling I came upon this website and the Wegen pick. At first, I was a little worried about the 3.5mm thickness, after some people said they found it a bit unwieldy, but after a couple of minutes, I found this pick no problem at all, for gypsy jazz any way, I haven't tried it on an electric yet, but I didn't buy this pick to play on and electric, I have the Jazz 3's for that, but I'm liking this the more I play with it, it makes playing these chords easier because you don't have to put so much into your strum to get some volume out of your guitar. It is a bright pick, it does what it does very well, if you want to learn this music, this picks makes a challenging style just a little easier and it may add something to whatever other music you may do. The grooves show you exactly how to hold the pick, but you still have some leeway as to how much of the pick you choose to expose to the string, which depending on what you're playing, makes a big difference. I'm definitely going to get a couple to have around just in case I lose one, even if they are the most expensive pick I've ever bought in my entire life, lol, they are actually worth the money, which is rare nowadays.

Wegen Gypsy Jazz Pick

By: rsk on 04/12/2015 01:50:42 AM

One of the best investments I have ever made to my technique outside of regular practice. I very much suspect that upon playing with these picks most guitar players will be very happy with the results. 15 dollars for a pick seems kind of insane, until you play with one, then it will be of no consequence. These are by far the best guitar picks a guitarist could hope for outside of bluegrass and rock. They work for almost everything.

feels like cheating

By: jhj on 09/07/2014 05:08:19 PM

I've only been playing a few months. I suck. But I suck a lot less because of this pick. Especially can't believe how much easier it is to play la pompe. Well, to try to play la pompe. I'm also fairly astounded that this is the very first time I've reviewed a product of any kind online, and it is, of all things, a guitar pick.

Wegen Picks

By: Louis on 09/15/2013 03:50:58 AM

I was very pleased with my purchase experience. Michael was very helpful to get what I needed. We exchanged a chain of very friendly e-mail messages about details of my purchase. I will definitely recommend this web-store to my friends.

new purchase

By: jayd on 10/21/2012 05:46:51 PM

great customer service and products thanks! will repeat for sure

Wonderful picks!

By: moremando on 10/08/2012 04:24:07 PM

Love these picks for guitar, and the service at this site is second to none! Lightning-fast shipping and great communication from Michael. I'll always check here first.

Best Purchase Ever

By: kungen120 on 09/29/2012 11:49:55 PM

the GYPSYJAZZPICK is the best pick i ever used, good control and grip

Great Pick Value!

By: boles on 07/26/2012 09:29:24 AM

Outstanding Gypsy Jazz pick. Terrific customer service. Here's my full review: http://bolesblues.com/2012/07/26/the-wegen-gypsy-jazz-pick-review/


By: MBSTYLE on 07/02/2012 07:39:39 PM

excellent service

Excellent product!

By: Spider on 06/07/2012 05:27:00 PM

An excellent value, and extremely well made. Try one!

The best Gypsy pick

By: The Rivum Dood on 05/07/2012 09:10:56 PM

This is the best Gypsy pick I've found. The first one, which I am still using was given to me by a friend in 2005. I recently bought two more as I plan the pass the 'gift pick' on to someone else. Thank you to Django Books for this wonderful resource!! Tim

Great Pick

By: tcrowe76 on 03/05/2012 11:19:25 AM

Awesome pick. It's amazing how much attack it gives you. Also sweeps very smoothly across the strings. I use it on steel and nylon strings. Only complaint is the ridges in the thumb depression were a little sharp at first but I got used to them.

One Loud Pick

By: nibster on 11/21/2011 12:25:24 PM

A pick for hardcore Gypsy jazzers. Is it really worth the price? For me, yes, even though when I rarely lose one but when I do it takes me weeks before I stop overturning everything and interrogating everybody before I finally buy a new one. It's a great pick: For one thing it's LOUD with a full-bodied dark tone. The indent and grip keep it firmly in position. When well-worn it also works backward if I want to switch from the honed mellow sound to a brighter sound. It has a great attack or "click" that I love. It is super tough and outlasts cheaper, thinner pics. AND it teaches you responsibility, to be mindful and not to lose it. I NEVER thought I could hold onto a pick as long as I have my GJ picks. It's like a fetish object that confers power to me; all I have to do is rub it the right way and start playing.

Great Picks

By: Alex on 10/27/2011 08:31:08 AM

These are terrific picks, they really give any guitar or bass a depth and loudness that no other pick will produce. They're also comfortable, though if I could offer any criticism it's that they're not ambidextrous. I'm not a lefty, but you can only hold it one way. Overall though, excellent!

You NEED this pick!

By: guitarmonster1956 on 10/12/2011 02:51:32 PM

The first time I saw one of these picks, I thought the guy who makes these is nuts! But the guitar really responds well to this tool. If you're just getting into the Django thing you will need this pick! It also works great with my other instruments. I'm going to get some of the other gauges to try.

Pick of Destiny!

By: Ken on 08/08/2011 02:35:46 AM

As the rhythm player for the group Jazz Gitan here in Northern California for the last 4 years,I can attest to the quality,consistency,and reasonably low ablation of the Wegen gypsy jazz pick.It always feels balanced in my hand,and delivers a great sound on all the sundry rhythm patterns employed in our repertoire. At this point,I cannot imagine using any other pick,and I highly recommend this pick to any players just getting into this style.

Speedy delivery

By: jazzdiver on 05/09/2011 12:52:38 PM

I was so pleased to receive my pick within a few days of ordering it (especially as delivery time had been estimated at two weeks. It's convenient and comfortable and creates a good sound. Thank you!

Sweet tone

By: D.R. on 04/27/2011 11:14:50 PM

These picks are are easy to adapt to, especially if you are used to a very thick pick. The grooves in them really keep the pick where you want it without gripping too hard. The bevel is perfect and releases the string quickly and really brings out the tone of the instrument. These picks are well made and thought out and will have a long life even with the heavy handed players.

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