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Vladimir Muzic Reniator

Vladimir Muzic Reniator

Handmade in France by noted luthier Vladimir Muzic. Unusually warm sounding, yielding a beautiful tone from even the brashest of instruments. The bevel is exceptionally well cut and the thumb indentation allows the pick to be held with little effort. 2.5mm thick.

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Reviews and Ratings


By: Timjames on 11/04/2013 08:16:50 PM

This pick is naturally easy to hold like a good violin bow. Nice warm tone for gypsy jazz or any type of jazz. I like the blue chip and wegen picks but definitely favor this pick.

Ultra Smooth Picks!

By: Michael on 11/02/2013 09:26:59 PM

For me, the Vladmir picks produce very little pick noise. There's something about the bevel and the material that makes them super smooth. They glide right over the string, producing a really warm, fat tone but still retain enough definition for faster passages. Also, the overall shape and thumb indent is among the most comfortable I've found. Great picks!

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