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JAZZ MANOUCHE: In the Style of Stochelo Rosenberg DVD (All regions)

JAZZ MANOUCHE:  In the Style of Stochelo Rosenberg DVD (All regions)

NTSC DVD — All Regions

In 1989, The Rosenberg Trio released “Seresta”, a ground breaking album which served notice to the world that a new master of the jazz manouche guitar style had arrived. By mixing the music of Django Reinhardt with bebop, traditional gypsy waltzes, Latin jazz and many other influences, Stochelo and his band mates created a uniquely personal style of jazz manouche.

Over the years, Stochelo has refined his technique to a highly efficient level. His speed is breath-taking to behold. Notes explode from his guitar. His ability to articulate notes cleanly adds to the illusion of speed. His vibrato is supple and his sense of time is impeccable. Watching Stochelo play helps the viewer to understand what is possible when technique is subservient to the music.

Over 3 hrs of Instruction!

Topics covered include:

Producer Denis Chang’s concept for the “In the Style of…” series is well-suited for illustrating the basics, as well as, the finer points of the “Stochelo Rosenberg” style. The DVD is divided into two parts. In “The Songs”, Stochelo is accompanied by Denis as they demonstrate Stochelo’s style at slow, medium and fast tempos on 35 songs, in the Django style. The songs were selected to demonstrate all of the common chord changes in the contemporary jazz manouche repertoire.

The second section is divided into two parts. “Rhythm Overview” is where Stochelo gives valuable insight into his approach to rhythm playing. Stochelo demonstrates good and bad rhythm as well as his approach to bossa, rumba, waltz, rumba-waltz and bolero rhythms. Proper chord shapes and sequences are shown for four songs. Finally in “Lead Guitar”, Stochelo deals with vibrato and right-hand technique before explaining his personal technique. He then clearly demonstrates 29 phrases and 2 endings. All phrases are initially played at tempo and are then clearly demonstrated for the viewer.

This DVD follows the traditional gypsy method of instruction. No tab is provided and students are encouraged to learn by watching and repeating. Alternate close-up angles are provided for more in-depth analysis. Careful placement of chapter markers allows the viewer to repeat phrases precisely. The total running time for the DVD is over 3 hours.

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Reviews and Ratings

Jazz Manouche in the style of Stochelo Rosenberg

By: rob mcrae on 03/28/2014 09:53:11 AM

A truly mind blowing experience. If you love this music, then you should aspire to own a copy of this. Over 2 hours of solos at medium and fast pace. Each one is a little masterpiece. If you are mortal like me, there is a great deal of this that you won't be able to pickup and there is no tab. But I've watched it 4-5 times without even holding a guitar! It is a privilege just to watch Stochelo play. And he has a great section on rhythm playing that more than makes up the instructional benefits. Overall, I am happy with this purchase and ecstatic to have this in my collection.

great joy for me

By: memleaks on 10/29/2012 01:14:23 AM

This is truly 3 hours joy of Rosenberg style! For a non-english speaking person, Stochelo's english explaination is totally understanding:)

learn with Stochelo!

By: Julien on 01/12/2012 07:25:50 AM

hello, i'm enjoy to learn music with Stochelo Rosenberg,the dvd box is broken it' all.Thanks

Great value

By: Jojabeau on 08/26/2011 08:48:00 AM

O.K. he does NOT hold your hand through every song, if you want 'easy' try another genre. Mr. Rosenberg is a master musician who lays out concepts in detail and then expects his students to do their homework. I realized I needed to cheat so I am purchasing software that will allow me to slow Mr. Rosenberg down to mortal speeds. Finial analysis: where can you take a three hour lesson from a genius and re-play it to your hearts content for three Jacksons?

stocehlo video

By: harlan on 04/28/2011 03:16:11 PM

I just wanted to thank you very kindly for your love for the music. The video has been a great blessing to me. Harlan

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