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Maurice Dupont / Stimer reissue ST48

Maurice Dupont / Stimer reissue ST48
This is a reissue of the Stimer single coil pickup used by Django Reinhardt in the 1940s. It has the classic Django electric tone and is very resistant to feedback. Ideal for those who need to play at very high volume levels. Sounds fantastic through nearly any amp or PA.

No installation is required. The soundhole clip will secure the pickup without any additional modifications. Some people also use some Schertler adhesive putty to keep the pickup secure.

Many find that a right angle cable is more comfortable and prevents the pickup from getting knocked out of place.

- Magnetic pickup, single coil
- Length: About 140 mm(5.5 in)
- Thickness: About 8 mm (0.31 in) under the string
- Integrated volume potentiometre
- Nickel-plated brass cover
- Back in nickel plated steel with anti-slipping protection
- One fixing leg for small “O” type soundhole
- Including a cable of 3m(9.80 ft)long

Our Price: $360.00

Reviews and Ratings

Stimer st48

By: Alireza on 02/02/2017 04:53:14 PM


Stimer pickup

By: Kiwianaswing on 06/02/2011 11:14:36 PM

Sounds like electric Django! Very happy with the authentic sound I get from it. The right angle rca jack is worth getting as well. It's very well made.

Dupont Stimer ST48

By: Neil Andersson on 12/13/2010 08:04:11 PM

The Dupont ST48 is a good choice for the 'electric Django' sound. I have one that I use on my Holo guitar and the sound is good and the ease of use is fabulous. I do have one of the older Stimer pickups and the sound of the Dupont is equally good. I'm not sure if they are designed this way, but mine is 'microphonic' - meaning that it picks up the sound of the acoustic instrument. In most applications this would not be a good thing, but I think with the sound of the Selmer guitar it actually adds to the quality of the amplified sound. I tend to use electric strings when I use the pickup, but it will work with the traditional copper strings - the E and B are just a bit louder.

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