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1940s Vintage Stimer ST51

1940s Vintage Stimer ST51
Vintage Stimer pickup from the 1940s/50s. This is from the original production run, not one of the numerous reissues from the 60s and later. This is THE sound! The same pickup Django used for his later period recordings (although he used the ST48 model which is only differentiated by the mounting system.)

The ST51 uses the "monkey on a stick" mounting system which is similar to that of the DeArmond Rhythm Chief. A clamp fastens behind the bridge which supports the volume pot and an arm which suspends the pickup over the top. The pickup itself is somewhat thicker than the modern Stimer reissues (about 3/8"). Guitars with low clearance may not be compatible.

There's nothing like the sound of these vintage Stimers! There's a richness, especially in the high end that's missing in the reissues. Here's a rare chance to party like it's 1949!

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