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Selmer 607

Selmer 607
Adrien Moignard, Rocky Gresset, Richard Manetti, Noé Reinhardt et Sébastien Giniaux all recorded with an authentic Selmer guitar, made in 1946, serial 607.
And they delivered! The hottest jazz guitar album so far this year.

With Ghali Hadefi & David Gastine on rhythm guitars, Jérémie Arranger on upright bass, our five solo players recorded the finest gypsy swing, but also true wonders: down tempos, waltz, duets, guests, original songs…

1. Swing 48 (Django Reinhardt) Rocky Gresset 2’44
2. Made in France (Biréli Lagrène ) Sébastien Giniaux 3’19
3. What a Wonderful World (George Davis Weiss / Bob Thiele) Adrien Moignard & Benoit Convert 5’20
4. Vette (Django Reinhardt) Noé Reinhardt 3’32
5. Natacha (Richard Manetti) Richard Manetti 3’54
6. Impression (John Coltrane) Adrien Moignard 3’15
7. Polka dots and Moobeams (Van Heusen) Rocky Gresset 3’04
8. Nanatango (Richard Manetti) Richard Manetti 3’27
9. Viper’s Dream (Fletcher Allen) Sébastien Giniaux & Guillaume Singer 4’20
10. Evan’s Hair (Noé Reinhardt) Noé Reinhardt 4’22
11. Billets Doux (Maurice Yvain) Adrien Moignard 2’32
12. Stella by Starlight (V. Young ) Rocky Gresset 5’15
13. Topsy (Eddy Durham) Richard Manetti 2’57
14. Rue du Languedoc (Sébastien Giniaux) Sébastien Giniaux 5’49
15. Insensiblement (Paul Misraki) David Gastine & Adrien Moignard 2’41
16. Instants volés (Rocky Gresset / Noé Reinhardt) Noé Reinhardt & Rocky Gresset 1’45
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Reviews and Ratings

Good but not Great!

By: SLO TC on 08/14/2012 04:45:03 PM

I enjoyed all the music very much, and all the players on it were stellar. My only disappointment was that there is no English translations for the liner notes. Also, the DVD, had no English subtitles.

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