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Schertler Lydia Volume ST

LYDiA. The result of more than 10 years research and development in the field of under-saddle systems, LYDiA reproduces the true sound of the instrument via a revolutionary, ultra linear condenser microphone with solid diaphragm and integrated electronic settings. The new sensor is based on SCHERTLER’s unique “air chamber” technology. Its hi-tech miniaturized construction and effective shielding make it extremely safe and reliable in all types of performance situation.  The result is an impressive natural sound and a dramatically improved dynamic.

This version is offered with a A-CLASS internal preamp, with volume wheel installed in the sound-hole and two Lithium Batteries. Available for Steel-String and Nylon-String guitars.

The technology is also compatible with previous SCHERTLER under-saddle systems, offering a practical “upgrade” option for guitarists looking to get the very best from their instrument


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